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Best Motorbike Movies

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by matti-san, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Hi guys often at home we have a themed DVD weekend, ie Star Wars, chick flicks [shudders], action etc etc. Well I have control of the next one and I have picked motorbikes as the theme. :grin:

    So what are the best motorbike movies out there and why. They don't have to be 100% about motorbikes but motorbikes/bikers do need to be high profile in the movie.

    SO to kick it off I have selected:

    Easy Rider
  2. On Any Sunday

    Girl on a Motorcycle

    Mad Max (plenty of bikes in it, even though it's not a "bike movie")

    Oh, and don't forget Silver Dream Racer! :LOL:
  3. The Wyld One.
    Naked under leather.
  4. The Wyld One.
    Naked under leather.
    Beach blanket bingo.
  5. World's Fastest Indian
  6. any one have a DVD copy they would lend/copy for me?
  7. ToRqUe!!

    BruzZa!! :p~
  8. Ah man, I was wondering how long it'd take someone to say Torque ;)

    It might be a load of shit, but just like The Fast & The Furious, it's a visual feast!
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  10. On Any Sunday

    Play it twice
  11. mmm not all movies.. but on DVD

    CHiPs - lot a love there..
    harley davidson and the marlbro man
    Blokesworld the MX files Vol 1 & 2 (maybe not the family thing)
    Long way Around (10 episode) yet to find anyone that did not like it.
    Motorcycle diarys - History and bikes
  12. Be careful watching On any Sunday,

    I lost my licence doing 140 in a 60 zone less that 15mins after finnishing watching it 6months and a little over$1500 then another 3 months for accumulation of demerit points
  13. Ghostrider no's 1 to 4 the last ones a bit laid back tho he rides like he's had a bad off ..really cautious compared to the others .
  14. Grease 2 ( cool rider ) :rofl: :rofl: \:D/ :rofl:
  15. Spot on JD about AKIRA!
    Who doesn't want a MASSIVE sports bike with full HUD/readouts and an encapsulating cockpit?
  16. The weird thing is apparently the sound effect for the bike was produced by combining the sound of a 1929 Harley with a Jet Engine :shock:.
  17. Damn, now I wanna watch Akira again :grin:

    If u like really cheesy story lines and some decent MX action, Supercross aint too bad....... but better if u just fast fwd thru the story line bits :p
  18. Ohh and whilst we are on SCI FI lets not forget the freeway scene in the Matrix II when Trinity lands on top of a truck full of Dukes, :shock: then charges through oncoming traffic....a totally realistic portayal of a daily ride. In my opinion. :roll: :LOL: