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Best Model Bike For Stunts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Danish, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. What's the best model bike to learn to stunt on? I was thinking about picking up a damage or dropped bike that is still ridable and the engine starts. Possibly from an insurance auction or local trader.

    I guess it would have to be 600 or 750. Change to large cogs.
  2. AMCN compared hoon bikes in one of their latest issues.

    naked bikes tested were the benelli tnt, bmw k1200r, buell lightning, ducati s4r, mv agusta brutale, suzuki sv1000, triumph speed triple, honda hornet, kwaka z1000, yammy mt01, aprilia tuono and ktm superduke...phew!

    needless to say it was quite exhaustive so go and see if you can get a copy of vol 55 no 12. otherwise let me know if you want info on a particular bike and i may summarise for you
  3. Basically anything you wont care about destroying :LOL:
  4. Uh he was aking about a stunt bike as opposed to a hoon bike,2 different things livingstonest :wink: :grin: Have a look at the crapload of stunt vids,most are using modded Gixxers,CBRs etc :cool:
  5. I think that's pretty much it, whatever you'll be happy to toss down the road. Otherwise, a big torquey engine helps, if you can find a blade, R1 or similar with the plastics all smashed up, you've got the beginnings of a streetfighter.
  6. How about a trials (as opposed to trail) bike?
    They do some outrageous stuff.
  7. Interesting point - although they're so tiny and light that I'm not sure you'd get the same feeling from wheelying one. They're more like mountain bikes with motors.

    Still though, the things those trials riders can do just boggle my mind.
  8. Doh! ](*,) :LOL:
  9. Yeh, I've got that issue as well.

    Not a bad read..
  10. get gixxer to send his bike up to ya.. expenses paid
    & practice on his :grin:
  11. okay, heres one i can answer :grin:

    so far, best stuntbike i've seen in action would have to be the 954 blade. basically any of the litres will stunt with the right gearing and cages and all that jazz, but the blade holds up the best by a LONG shot. i've seen a lot of older blades going the hack aswell and they seem to hold up equally as well, but not as light and easy to do the low speed technical stuff on.

    now the bloke i know that stunts a 954 is looking to update (i wont say upgrade because it just sounds wrong) to a 600F4i for stunting. apparently with the front from a blade and a crazy sized cog on the back, the size and weight of the bike coupled with the midrange based donk really puts it up there above the rest for the low speed stuff.

    if your just wanting to do highspeed stuff, then go one of the litre sports for sure. i'd stay away from the gixxer because the subframe is REALLY weak and the R1 isn't much better and its welded on. the blade is bolt on and just dont snap, i've seen it cop 2 stacks that have bent the 12 bar but left the subframe uncracked (tho i dont know if it'll bend back again after the second one, its a doosey! :LOL: )

    thats just the bikes i've seen stunting in front of my face tho, best show i've ever seen would have to be http://videos.streetfire.net/iPlayer.aspx?fileid=FAA85C3F-1FFF-4844-9F0F-D87679C123F7 but i think that has a touch more to do with skill than the bike he's riding :LOL:

    whatever you get, you will need to a) remove the farings, its a waste b) get a cage, or you'll go through engine casings more than tyres c) be prepared to NEVER care what the bike looks like again :LOL:
  12. How about something under $3k Preferably 1-2k. What can I get with that, that can stunt? Has anyone seen any recent auctions, or ads with a damaged bit ridable bike?

    Give me some models, Oldskool GSXR600, smashed up?
  14. With that sort of budget you'll just have to go around and grab whatever comes up at the right price. You're not going to have a whole lot of choice and you're unlikely to find a halfway-near-running litre sporty for those bucks I reckon.
  15. They are big and heavy but bandit 1200s are cheap, tough, reliable and have the old bulletproof gsxr1100 engine bored to 1200. They have a steel frame so if you do somehow bend it it is easy enough to bend back. They also have bugger all fairing that comes off in about 5 mins.

    I wouldn't recommend the ABS version like i've got for stunts though because if one wheel is spinning faster than the other under brakes it releases pressure on the slower wheel.
  16. if your serious about STUNTING then i would say that wont cut it :? if all you wanna do is some wheelies, then it'll do the trick for sure. maybe grab an oldskool gixxer1100, those things are cheap and fast wheelie like a new thou no worries :cool:
  17. Definately serious, that's why I'd like to start out on a POS that I can throw around that costs next to nothing. I still have my CBR600F.

    What year is the GSXR1100?
  18. Mid to late 80's. I believe that they were oil-cooled, very robust and very torquey engines. Ever seen gixxer kart??? That's what they run in the go kart and boy does it go!!!
  19. i had an 85 1100, pretty bloody heavy bike, but it pulls a mean wheelie with stock gearing.

    problem with cheaper bikes tho is that they tend to be heavier and less powerful :? if you can pick up a stat write off thats still ridable and only a few years old, you might be in business.

    what kinda stunting are you wanting to get into? maybe see if you can come out with a stunt group some time and have a watch and see what their setups are like? have a look at www.ozstuntbikes.com :grin:
  20. Best bike to practice on is someone else's.