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Best mirrors for filtering on a VTR250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by A boy named Sue, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, the stock mirrors on my VTR250 are slowing me down as they are the same height as SUV mirrors. Any practical suggestions for aftermarket mods?

  2. buy some different mirrors
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  3. Done. Thread can be closed now :p

    Seriously though, if the height of the mirrors is an issue, you could consider some bar-end mirrors, but then you'll have to deal with the extra width across the bars. You could get lower bars, or lower mirrors, but then you'll be dealing with potentially taking out car mirrors (or mirrors on lowered 4wds). As it is, VTR250 mirrors don't really have enough width, so going much narrower will probably be detrimental to your vision.

    You could always teach yourself to duck under 4wd mirrors by approaching quickly and then hitting the front brakes just as you're about to pass. Front end dives, you make it through. Works better on a motard though. And I won't be held responsible for any potential adverse affects.

    Another possible solution: If you find a gap that you think is too small to fit through, don't go through it :)
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  4. I Ride a VTR250, never had that issue!!

    That will work well i think :applause:
  5. or do all of the above, as on my bike,

    bar end mirrors, on lower bars, that also happen to be narrower.
  6. The advantage of this is if you pull it off regulary, it would make you a level 99 freaking god of filtering motorcycle NINJA!

  7. Mirrors must have a certain reflective area per square cm... If they have a curved surface the reflective area is different..

    I don't know what the exact requirements are but I do know they exist. My Rizoma mirrors got defected for the above reason a few weeks ago..
  8. Thanks guys. I'll see where the clearance is with different cars etc over the next couple of weeks. This is only a problem with SUVs, proper 4WDs are no problem (they go over my mirrors), cars no problem(they go under)...


    Here is a image from the net which I think shows the problem with bar ends making you wider. SUV mirrors are spring loaded so maybe I should just hit them.
  9. [​IMG]

    Not that much wider
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  10. I actually have your problem too, but I just do a little swerve around the SUV mirrors. Probably scares the cr%p out of the cager on the other side, but so far I've only ever hit one mirror (how embarrassment!), and that was when I just started to filter.

    The picture provided by the OP also has custom bars by the look of it. Those mirrors on stock bars probably wouldn't stick out. Scarfo88's example looks OK for width - not enough difference to matter, really..
  11. drag your rear brake when filtering.. It helps alot.
  12. No offence, but you need to work on your filtering technique if those mirrors are giving u grief champ.
  13. But on the back wheel the mirrors are way higher than any car wing-mirrors?

    I don't understand the problem - we all filter on the back wheel only right?
  14. Much better to just kick SUV mirrors off before they become a problem...

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  15. ^ Or that ........ that works too
  16. Possibly, but I think the technique would be waiting for the cars to move before I go through. It is only a problem on one bit of road that I've passed other bikes not filtering on (they were on bigger bikes).

    I don't have a problem with my handle bars but the mirrors always seem very close (and I've clipped twice too, when I was checking that there actually wasn't enough room, once on the left, once on the right (not on the same day!)). http://g.co/maps/gtunz

    edit; I normally drag the rear brake, but in this spot it is rear brake controlling down hill speed and clutch fully disconnecting the motor from the wheel (I still don't know if that is engaged or disengaged).
  17. I would personally recommend Rizoma or Barracuda mirrors. I have some Rizoma on my bike and I love them. They give a great look to my bike (far from the SUV style ones :))
  18. the mirrors fold back on most cars. you don't have to kick and punch everything.
    just politely fold them back. give a nod or a wave.
  19. Rather than go through the excercise of changing mirrors, why not just fold them in ?
    Your not worried about what is behind you if your filtering in heavy traffic.
    If its only light traffic your filtering through and getting that close to car mirrors, I'd be looking at your filtering technique like others have mentioned.
  20. Hi mate I actually need to buy the right hand bar mirror for my VTR250 and would be happy to take yours of your hand if your interested.....thats should you get other ones and were thinking of what to do with them.