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Best method to put bike on ute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rolski, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Hi all, what's the best way to put a bike on a ute ?, and can anyone recommend products as in ramps etc,cheers.

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  3. Haha, classic!
  4. PS: Not the manufacturers recommended method. This might void your warrenty.
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  5. There is a vid of a bunch of numb nuts in the good old USA doing this on very high F250 type utes and mainly Harleys,ugly stuff and very hard to do so its easy to end up with the bike on top of you.Lighter bikes and lower utes are a lot easier.You need the longest ramp that will fit on the ute,it avoids grouding out on the ramp mid push,watch out for this.The other critical point is when you step up while pushing,thats the weak point of your push.Its easier with 2 ramps,one for the bike and one for you to walk up.Make sure there both solidly attached at the top and dont slip or move.Tiedown points are next,After you do this a few times you develop a system.BTW take care with tiedowns missing any fairing,not so easy to do.You can use engine power to drive up the ramp,brave types ride them up,extremely risky.It can be done on your own but its safer with 2.As I said its easier after a couple of hundred goes at it.
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  6. Ramp. Clutch in first gear. Use engine power to drive it up. Always cover clutch. Buy front wheel chock. Drive bike straight into it. Walk away and tie down. Reversing off just as easy except use front brake to control bike descent
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  7. That reminds me,I need to add some friction type surfacing material to my gal trailer bed,had a couple of scary front slides wheeling the bike backwards.Not enough friction between the trailer bed and the front Tyre using the brake.Not fun on my own with a 200k plus bike.
  8. Yeah yr right practice is the key, I jus had a brain storm while typing, might look into a tail gate lifter wonder if that would work?
  9. Just get the longest ramp that will fit that is rated for enough weight and some tie downs. Not rocket science.
  10. This should do:
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  11. Would a winch help, with one person holding the bike stable and the other person cranking it?
  12. Thar what a mare does,but he has a Harley,there crazy heavy,overkill for most applications
  13. Like this:
  14. Why do you need a winch? Just use the drive of the bike.
  15. Saw that pic a while ago. Still waiting for the video to surface :D
  16. I figure it would be easier than try to balance sitting on the bike, or walking alongside it.

    Never had to put a bike on a ute before (well a Postie but that just took two of us lift it on)
  17. A winch really is overkill.
    As others have said, a ramp (as long as you can get to avoid grounding out the bike) and a steady control on the clutch is enough to walk the bike onto the back of a normal sized ute.

    It looks more difficult than it is.
  18. I've personally found that riding it on and off is more controllable. With tthe height of a ute, keeping consistant control whilst standing next to it, is difficult. I also find that it's best to not hesitate or muck around. Go at it with confidence.

    I've personally made a ramp out of timber, but there are commercial solutions. Ones that fold up and are stiff over longer spans.

    Also keep in mind a slope can work for or against you and reversing into a gutter can give you a bit more of a hand.
  19. If you are worried get two ramps, one to walk along.

    Though you'll probably find you won't bother after a couple of goes.