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Best mesh jacket for summer?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fruechtel, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. With temperatures slowly climbing I want to get ready for summer. In temperatures above thirty degrees I cannot wear a leather jacket anymore; but I am not silly enough to ride around in tshirt, shorts and thongs like I see quite a lot of riders doing. My old Dririder Air Mesh has nearly worn out and their new jackets are not as airy anymore.I just want a jacket with maximum airflow, that is still safe and has some armor. I am happy to wear a heavier leather jacket in the cooler seasons. I am looking at a Firstgear mesh tex or Joe Rocket Phoenix. They come highly recommended by riders in the US. The Firstgear also comes in a range of colours like yellow and silver which would help to reflect sunlight, when you are sitting on traffic lights. Unfortunately these brands are very hard to find in Oz. When I look at the dealers, they mainly stock multi season jacket and most of those are black. I found an online dealer in Oz who sells the Firstgear Mesh Tex for Aus $ 574.90, but I can import it from the US for less than half the price. I like the idea of supporting Australian business, but not at any price!
    Surely this must be a problem for many other riders in the hotter months, I would be happy for any recommendations or input. 8-|

  2. All mesh jackets are similar. Chances are they all come from the same Chinese factory. Depends what you want - a different look? If you are not in the rush, there will be other alternatives shortly (a month or so), mainly European name brands such as Spyke (Italian) or Buese (German)- they do care about look and quality a bit more. Yeah, $500+ is a bit too steep for a mesh jacket. Also, a mesh jacket will never be as safe as a full jacket, remember that. No matter what protection you have in place. Most manufacturers only recommend mesh jackets for city/urban use and only at those speeds as well.
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  3. Tiger Angel in Melbourne make a mesh jacket. I do not have one but did have a good look at one when I picked up my gear from them (Element Gortex jacket and pants). The mesh jacket looked pretty good and I will be getting one later this year (the hot weather kicks in a bit later for us)

    I can't see it on their website but give them a call and they should be able to send you more information.
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  4. I've got a Tiger Angel mesh jacket and it is good value, but mine was an early (trial?) version and there are areas that could be better. VicPol use the same design and have expressed the same concerns: the waist is cut too high, the wrist velcro fastens the wrong way (toward the chest instead of away, very unnatural and annoying!) and they always cut it tight across the chest o that you have to undo the zip once you get off the bike. About $300.

    Another excellent multi purpose mesh jacket is the BMW Airflow jacket which has a warm and shower proof removable liner, good enough down to 7-8C. Very good ECE armour, a fine mesh which has reasonable abrasion resistance (most mesh will abrade in a few seconds: or less!) and a reasonable price. Another choice is the BMW Air Shell, which I have and am using now but have been up to the mid 30s with good cooling.
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  5. I've got an ixon sismic all weather. Love it. Remove liners for summer and I don't get hot at all.
  6. I have one of these from Bikers Gear Australia ( I don't have any connection to store )

    Chicane Summer Waterproof Meshtech Jacket Blue


    Had it for 3 years its been great

    They deliver Aus wide
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  7. Im happy with my RST Ventilator. Worth a look.
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  8. I used a Dainese Airframe last summer. Forearms got warm but otherwise was good. In no hurry to test the protection
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  9. Thanks guys for your input; I ended up buying a summer jacket from Wicked Gear, it was very well priced and looked just as well made ( in China ) as most of the brand name ones. I realize that this sort of jacket will not be as " safe" as a proper leather outfit with full armour , but when the temperatures climb over 30 degrees that is what i will wear. When you are on two wheels you are always at risk; that is the choice you make. I could jump in my Volvo and go places knowing I am nearly bullet proof; but I prefer to ride on two wheels and have done so for over 40 years without an accident.
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  10. Great topic frueshtel. Great topic indeed. I'm new to riding and the heat over the past 3-4 days here in Sydney was enough to drive me insane. It struck me today "why not just buy some elbow / forearm guards" and keep wearing the t-shirt? I may look like a complete fool (or worse) but it will keep me from over-heating. I don't do heat well at all. Any comments? Also wasn't keen on spending more coin on a warm weather mesh jacket. I was going to go all out & get a Dainese Air Flux D1 but the cost was somewhat prohibitive but it felt real comfy when I put it on at Motorcycle Warehouse. It was much lighter & breathable than DriRider but I had bad experience with their gloves and don't want to give them more money for similar experience. The bigger spend may be needed to get quality. Respect.
  11. Often the best thing is to see it. Here ya go, as many people paid the price of not wearing gear, this one made a video of it.
    Again, impact protectors won't save your skin and prevent your skin being ripped.
    The crash is at 35-40 Mph translates to 70 kph in this video:
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  12. I have an RS Taichi Mesh jacket - great airflow and CE armour elbows, Shoulders, back and chest.

    Had it for 4 summers now and no issue with wear etc.

    Aust site here - RS Taichi / Japanese motorcycle specialty store

    Japanese site here - RS TAICHI / RS-TAICHI International Riders Spot

    Unfortunately as our seasons are different it can be difficult to get the size/colour you want at the start of Summer here as they are moving into winter.

    Also the Aust site does not stock the full range but they should be able to get something you want.

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. There are very few mesh jackets with sufficient abrasion resistance to provide more than a few seconds of protection. The manufacturers may have guff on their product labels about meeting ECE Standards but read the fine print: it's usually only referring to the armour.
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  14. If it gets real hot, THIS!
  15. isn't that a dirt jacket?
  16. Can't watch the video as I'm at work. Was he wearing a mesh jacket or full squid?
  17. "t-shirt and jeans"
  18. Offroad Mesh armour for the road and at regular road speeds? I don't think so. When it comes to abrasion resistance, you'd be better off with a denim jacket, and a flanno under it and a t-shirt, apart from the resistance to impact that armour provides. Ventilated leather (you know, thousands of tiny holes) is probably the best thing, but I've never taken the plunge.

    None of my textile jackets provide enough airflow. It comes down to an old unlined leather jacket with buttons! and sufficient clothing underneath it to provide a certain amount of cushion without impeding airflow through the cuffs, and that is not a lot of clothing. A wool thermal top as an under layer with that is not so silly. Wicks magnificently, allows airflow, and is surprisingly comfy and cool underway because all your sweat evaporates and will not stink unless you wear it for a week. Another "add cushion" measure is to add a padded vest - I've got an old Dainese one. It has lots of pockets in the right places. It's a great summertime overgarment.

    Considering things when the weather gets hot? Ever do a few minor scrapes? Injuries to the hands? Every time, unless you are wearing gloves. Arms? well any covering at all is better than none. 2 layers of different sorts of stuff is good if you are improvising . With the number of people who are making motorcycling "jeans" with kevlar reinforced/padded -you've got lots of options. I had many a trip down the road with 2 pairs of jeans earlier. Apart from issues caused by a lack of any sort of padding, that was surprisingly effective. I trashed a few pair of outer jeans. The inside ones were always repairable and I never lost TOO much skin, but I got seriously bruised a couple of times. Barefeet, thongs, runners, leather lace up shoes, leather boots of any description above the ankle in that order least preferable to most. I have NEVER ridden a motorbike barefooted and in thongs only once. Now, only rarely in runners. I like my feet, and my hands, and while I am not a total ATTGATT freak, I agree generally with the philosophy. Sometimes it is worth compromising. often not.

    You need to manage your own risks.
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  19. I don't mind that one at all.

    Though I'm starting to think for me personally I'm just going to put up with some heat. I commute every day which involves a 10 minute stretch on the highway.

    I came across a thread last night, I'll try and find it again, that showed a guy in a good quality mesh jacket who went down at around 70km/hr. It wasn't pretty as his mesh just disintegrated apparently almost as soon as it touched the pavement. He looked like the guy in the video above.

    So....for me I'm looking at a well vented leather jacket, or a well vented textile. I think I'd need some serious convincing before going mesh........as in someone reputable who had a crash in one and it turned out ok.

    For summer pants, I'm eyeing off some well vented textiles.