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Best mechanic in Canberra for CBR250RR's...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by toast, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. I am thinking of buying a local baby blade and wanted to know who in Canberra is most knowledgeable and experienced at maintaining these bikes. I want to know that she is running the best possible for her age, at all times. Nothing like the sweet sound of a well maintained engine and bike.

    Not really interested in taking it to a dealership of any kind.

    Cheers, Nick.

  2. There aren't many non-dealership motorcycle mechanics in Canberra.

    The only two I can think of are:
    - Axle Motorcycles (pretty sure that's their name)
    - Rick Miller (but he works out of his home so might be a bit difficult organising something there)

    Don't know either ones contact details off the top of my head either.
  3. Seconding Haggismaen: I hear a fair few good things about Axle Motorcycles from different people, & Rick Miller does bikes for a couple of my mates & they love his work..
  4. Bruce's Motorcycle Repairs at Mitchell were pretty good with my mate's CBR250RR.
  5. Thanks heaps, guys. That is really awesome to know. I'll give them all a call.
  6. I couldn't get a hold of Rick Miller, so went with Bruce's in Mitchell.
  7. Bruce was good. The most important thing was that I completely trusted the work he did. His main mechanic, David, was also excellent and was more than happy to spend a bit of time talking about details.

    I ended up getting a minor service done. David also said the switchbox was full of gunk and he cleaned it all out, fixing some indicator and other peripheral electrical issues.

    David also replace the clutch leaver, which was bent out of shape, and fitted a new rear tyre.

    He said the rest of the bike appeared to be fine. Although, the carbies may need to be done within a year, and the bike tuned at the same time.

    So, I'm happy. Soon to be rid of my cagey ways.
  8. Yeah Bruce is both a great mechanic and a top bloke, I recommend him to everyone.
  9. Glad to hear the positive feedback. :)
  10. Perssikat, can you post, or PM me, Rick's contact number or email address?

  11. i ALWAYS used bruces when i lived in canberra. i gave them so many basket cases, and they never failed to fix 'em in good time and often under budget. not that you expect a monetary bargain, as long as the service is spot on, you are generally stoked....and i always was.
    if i ever have a BIG problem down here (i do my own work generally), the local honda joint can stick it up their clanger, i'll be trailering back to bruces for a nostalgic visit.
    glad to see he is still providing kickarse service :)
  12. Is Rick Miller southside by any chance?

    I think i need to get the VN250 serviced and a mechanic southside would be handy. After getting stuffed around a bit by CMC im not that fond of going back.....
  13. I always recommend Bruces to anyone who asks - I've always received fantastic service from them :grin:
  14. He's in Holder (I'm sure that's it, the one next to Weston and such).
  15. I'll see if I can get his details off my mates... I haven't used him myself, just hear rave reviews from others! If anyone has his details in the meantime, can ya forward them to toast pls?
  16. Could someone please PM me with Ricks contact details?
  17. Thanks heaps, Purrsikat.
  18. PMs with Rick's details: Done & done.
  19. Thanks!!!