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Best line through this corner?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. this one

    It may not look it, but I do believe this is two distinct corners and straightens slightly for a whole 5 metres or so before tightening up again. In my opinion, when it tightens up it's slightly tighter than the corner proceeding it.

    It's almost completely blind on the inside, and because it is so long it is a pain to navigate and try and stay on the outside line the whole way through - not that that is an excuse not to - particularly if it is treated as one whole corner.

    My typical approach to it is to finish on the inside right where the little man marker is in the link and then brake (positive throttle and downhill bend has me going faster than I am comfortable for the next part of the bend) and head to the outside to tip in again for the next part. I ride this section of road so infrequently that I've never really had a chance to form a standard line other than what is outlined above.

    In the car it's more noticeable simply because avaliable space is so limited. The fact that the next part is tighter is very noticable as well. I take the same approach and hit the brakes mid corner just to wash off some speed for the next part.

    To contrast with the above, going the other direction when riding it's definitely taken as one long corner and is an absolute blast as the view is much more open and the corner opens out progressively through.

    So I guess my question is from what is observable from the map (or for those who know it intimately), is there a better line to take?
  2. if it was a race track it's one big corner.
    but it's not. it's a blind corner, as you say. so reduce speed and stay wide as late as you can.
    then you see fatass the wombat sooner and are more upright when you spot him.
    which might help, cos he ain't moving.
  3. Definitely 2 corners for the purpose of a line - or 2 apexes...

    Best line - I assume we are talking a road line as opposed to racing line?

    I'm predicting different people would suggest different lines on this one... Not clearcut at all.
  4. If I was going left to right I would set it up as a dual apex. Holding tight as I entered and drifting out through the middle section to allow a hard crank and crank on the way out.
    Coming right to left I would hold a line and throttle position on an outside line. Placing my apex 7/10s through the corner.
    Only because of my available bail points going either way. I hate sliding into oncoming traffic.
  5. Sorry to be the dimwit here Lilley, but i can't tell which section of the road you mean.
    From left to right, is it the first big roundhouse lefthander or the next right hander?
  6. It's a varying radius, double apex, blind, mid-speed, downhill left-hander (I think) and my googlemaps link seems to drop me right in the middle of it.

    The natural racing line is self evident. Wide, make 1st apex, wide, 2nd apex wide, exit.

    The real world line pays some respect to that, but stays a little closer to the middle of the lane, holds on the outside for longer, to provide a better line of sight, and gets moderated by local knowledge of the conditions and the surface and your previous experience. From the look of the overhead shot, the variation in radius is not that great, so you don't really need to change speed or lean all that much. Don't be shy to back off the throttle and just let it roll into the second part - that's not a crime.

    The radius appears to be about 75 ~ 80m, so I'd suggest an entry of about 80k, for a first look, and re-runs of about ... what-ever you feel comfortable with. If it had a speed advisory, it'd be about 65k.
  7. That's the big one KD. Throttle control.
    Holding that throttle position or altering to put you where you want to be in the lane. Till you can open it up and drift out. Luv that shoite.
  8. Assuming it's left to right ( big left sweeper, followed by rh corner), i can see that if yourun too hot on the exit of the first it appears you'll be way tight on the right hander, and taste the rockery.

    I don't much like corners like that first one. No clear apex, so i usually get out of it, sit mid-lane and look for the proper exit, so i can set up for rhe next corner.
  9. For me, on the track I'd say double apex, where the second apex is very late, giving a tight exit to position myself for the right hander. On the road I'd just hang out their long enough to spot the single apex.

    But i tend to ride more for ease/safety/leaving a margin when on the road. It might not be the 'best line', but that's what I reckon would happen if I rode that section, especially as I would be unfamiliar.
  10. Nothing wrong with that method...
    I tend to ride hardish, but this corner has my spidey senses tingling
  11. On unknown roads (or indeed known roads) usually the best approach is to turn in very late and watch for the vanishing point. . . race track 'lines' would be completely different but then dangerous on the road, particularly that corner by the looks to me at least...
  12. Sorry mate, got locked out in the logging in thing. Yeh the big lefty. As long as you don't exit on full throttle there is ample room to break for the right though I've watched some people struggle through it. The really bad one is the next left, sharpens tightly.

    I normally exit the left tight to the inside so being in position for the next isn't really a problem.
    It is 65. While it looks fairly constant it does tighten progressively but not sharply as you can see. I normally enter at a ton with change to spare and just let some speed wash off until I turn in proper.