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best limo ive ever seen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-weety, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. i got this sent to me via email.its the best limo ive ever seen check it out


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  2. Ive seen that email before and I wasn't sure if it was real, if you look at the bike on the front its different in nearly all the pictures, the forks would have a huge amount of pressure on them. But I could be wrong, perhaps its just a few snaps of the evolution of a pretty cool limo :)
  3. That's at least two different vehicles. Unless that VW rear end has had radical surgery, they'll be tiny inside, at least as far as width is concerned. Some careful photography to give an impression of space perhaps.
  4. I've seen that before too, but never noticed it was two different........vehicles. If the back end is standard VW it won't be the fastest thing on the block either!!!
  5. Western Australian company: Limo Trikes Australia
  6. that's not vw, it's a late 1930's ford coupe
  7. Nope. Definitely VW. Body side moulding, rear mudguard shape on the springer forked one, and the fact that it's an utterly hideous trike built in WA are all dead giveaways.
  8. saying it doesn't change it. It's closer to a veedub then anything else.
  9. These type of things were pretty popular in the 70s chopper/hot rod scene.

    To me it looks like a VW back end, but the style above the window sill is any number of American hot rods.

    It doesn't look like it would go round corners.
  10. The rear end looks like a early 40's Willeys to me

  11. It's probably neither...

    Don't forget the Beatle was designed in the 30's as were the Ford and the Willeys.

    It's probably fibreglass but with a betle engine looking at the vents on the engine cover...
  12. This is WA, so I'd expect the back end to be an amalgam of rust, bog and a VW Beetle that hasn't had an oil change since 1985. The roof and fore part of the body may be fibreglass though.

    Horrible, horrible device.
  13. I'd have to agree My 3 least favorite vehicles in one Cruiser, Limo, Beatle...

    scuse me I need to hurl...
  14. PatB ... I know the bloke who designed/built it; it's immaculate ... a labour of love.
  15. VW would make the most sense anyway - what's the no 1 timesaver you'd look for? Rear-engined car...
  16. Fair enough. That probably makes it unique among WA limousines though. In a professional capacity I saw under the skin of almost all the stretches built in WA over a 6 year period and was deeply unimpressed by the build standard of every single one. Ditto trikes.

    If your mate has upped the standard for both, that's a good thing.
  17. but that's what makes it so great. It's beautifully ugly.