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Best learner legal for a big guy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by disco1985, May 16, 2007.

  1. Howdy all, great website you run here. Going to get a learner legal bike for my l's and p's. I'm 6'5 just under 2 meters and 100kg, which of course is proving to be quite an issue for me.
    I sat on a Honda VTR 250 the other day and felt quite comfortable but wasn't sure of how i looked - (6'5' freak with chicken wing legs hangin out the side) as i didnt have a mate with me. Once I get my Ls I'll take one for a ride and see how it feels, bit hard to get the feel for it when im just sitting on it on the showroom floor.
    Was also looking at the Hyosung 650 comet, but it, as well as the CBR will be ruled out cause of my height I believe.
    Also sat on a Motard 400 which is apparently learner legal which was comfy, and while so many aspects of it are appealing, its looks are lacking somewhat, especially when its next to the VTR as in the showroom i went to.

    Anyway Guess what im getting to is - is there any other tall riders who can recommend or rule out some bikes for me. I preferably want to stay in the road bike arena, love the VTR but not sure how I would go with it.

    Thanks guys, love your work.
  2. I ahve the GT250 naked Hysoung and it and the VTR were the only bikes that fitted me in the 250 class, but if I could have got a 400 Motard!!! Oh yeah that would be the bike. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. I'm 6ft4, 75kg's and felt right at home on the hyosung gt250r.
    CBR's and other bikes I tried just felt a bit small.

    my 2c's

  4. Go the GS500 :p
  5. maybe the Hyosung 650? (there's a learner legal model) not sure where you are mate, so it might not be learner legal where you're from...

    so yes, its a full sized 650 bike with restrictors that you can take out when you get off your restricted license...

    I have a mate selling one in NSW if you're interested
  6. Hey disco, your a big boy....but not big enough :LOL:
    I'm 6"7' and 100kg went through the same course of trying to find a bike that fitted me but also suited me. I ended up finding the GS500 which comes in a faired model and a naked. I have the faired model as i think it looks better and it offers some protection from the elements on longer rides. It'll be enough for you to improve on your riding skills and riding ability, whilst being pretty forgiving.
    You can pick one up for under $6k and you'll get a great resale value when you upgrade. Check it out, even if you just sit on it, feel the difference between the bikes you have already sat on. But if buy one dont buy the girly blue colour :LOL:
  7. /\
    Has the girly blue colour.
  8. Get a ducati monster
  9. nah he's talk about the 05 blue not the 04 blue
  10. im 6"4' and bit over 100kgs and i also have a gs500 and it happens to be the 04 girly blue colour lol (i think it looks nice, would of prefered the black and red one though)
    i feel very comfrotable on the gs500. before i got this bike i was riding a suzuki across while it wasnt necesarily uncomfortable i found that it really lacked in power, as it was carrying a lot of weight.

    so my opinion is you cant go wrong with a gs500 and they seem to have great resell value.
  11. Only one "problem" in my 1993 GS500 in 90,000kms, other than maintainance items

    The problem was a stuffed gearbox output shaft spline - a combination of cheapo aftermarket front sprocket and a design flaw of the circlip sprocket retainer.

    Everything else is expected consumables. The camchain is shagged at 90,000kms so is currently being replaced (which is a pretty good run - most bikes need replacement much earlier), the front disc needs replacing.

    Inside the engine looks good at 90,000km - no noticable wear and tear on cams, compression is good, plugs still clean etc.

    Not even any Suzuli electrical gremlins.....

    Considering this is an all weather ridden bike that's been left out uncovered for years (normally parked on my front lawn) thats an amazingly good run.

  12. the 04 blue isnt the girly blue the 05 is with the light blue section
  13. Haha wicked guys, thanks for the insight, was thinking about stuffing it and just getting the VTR but ill be sure to sit on a gs 500 and compare..
  14. Yeah mine is like the GSX-R, but without the X factor or the engine capacity or sex apeeal or.........but it is the same colour blue :grin: and has the wannabe front end :p
  15. i struggled on the cbr250, hell fun to ride but i kept flinging my boots back so that combined with L's experience is not good. The VTR is probably better for ya. I went a Honda 600cc cruiser, and it served me well but its time to move on (pats SV1000s)....

    The ER5 and GS500 aren't bad, probably better for the bigger dude on his L's but doesnt' want a cruiser.
  16. Hey guys, first post for me.

    I'm in a similar situation, 6'2", a bit heavier - I'm a fat bastard - 130kg, so I've been looking at the GS500 as my first bike, which I'd be learning on. Mate thinks that a 250 would be a little gutless with me on it.

    I've not gone to sit on one yet, but from the photos it doesn't seem like you have to lean forward too much when riding them, but I'm a bit concerned that the fuel tank would push into my gut too much, and be uncomfortable.

    Anyone else with similar "constraints" riding/ridden a GS500 that could tell me if it worked for them?

    Are there any dealers around sydney that don't mind people just walking in and sitting on their bikes? :p I work in the city so if there was someplace in the city I could go to that would be fantastic, I could always drive out though on the weekend somewhere.

    *edit: Oh, and how much and where can I get a GS500 from? I don't need the latest model, but some idea of cost would be good.
  17. Don't buy new for your first bike. Just a general suggestion, since you're looking at stuff like the 650 comet, and the Honda XR400 motard, which you'll only find new.

    Anyway, take a trip back in time to the late 70's/80's, when manufacturers still assumed only 6 foot men would want to ride motorcycles- certainly not shorties or god help us, women.

    Most mid-size jap bikes from the 80's are learner legal, and many are very big compared to anything modern. Recommended are the Z650 and XJ650, both of which can be often found in reasonable condition. Big bikes, big, powerfull four cylinder engines, but not overwhelming for first bikes.

    I'm 6 even, and I can barely get my feet flat on the ground sitting on my mid-size 80's hack.

    Anything with the letters CB or GS in the name, that's midsized and 80's will be great too, and very reliable.

  18. You can pick up an early model GS500 for down around the $2000 mark. The GS500 goes back to 1989 and is basically the same bike all the way down the years.... just a little tweak every 5 years or so so it still meets all the current rules - fuel injection, different rim sizes etc.

    Obviously add a couple of hundred dollars every model upgrade and you start looking at about $4000 ish for around a 2003 model.

    Obviously bargains do appear.

    The basic mechanics of it go back to the old GS400 of 1977, although when the GS500E came out in 1989 it was a quantum leap forward. As such, "latest and greatest" versions dont really matter as much on this bike.

    I want to offload mine (1993) soon.. it'll be cheap. Cheaper than $2000 even :D
  19. Example of the old model. Trading post price $2999. This is the one I have.


    11 Years later, $2000 more and not much different. As I said about $200 extra per year model is the rule of thumb on a a GS500.

  20. Not knocking the older models, but just be wary of very high km's. They are a carbie operated bike, so regular maitenance will be crucial to keep it running smooth.
    In saying that, the others have pointed out that the GS engine has been around for a while and is pretty much bullet proof, so you cant go wrong with an earlier model bike.
    Its also easy to do your own basic maintenance, oil oilf filter, air filter, sparkies, brakes, etc.