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Best LAMS: Monster 659 or MT-07?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scipio1911, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Hi, I'll be getting my bike license soon and was looking at either the
    Ducati Monster 659
    2016 Yamaha MT-07

    I thought I was sold when I saw the MT-07 but then one of my friends got a brand new monster a few weeks ago and now I'm not sure which one I like better

    So I was wondering if anyone has experience with either of the bikes and could tell me their thoughts on the two or compare them for me

    Thank you

  2. Depends on your budget and what you like. Asking people on a bike forum which one is best - we are all going to have our own biased opinions.

    Since you like naked bikes why not also consider a Triumph street tripple .

    Another thing to look at is service interval / costs as well as insurance cost. Italian bike parts don't come cheap.

    I've always believed that buying a bike should be an emotional thing - so go and sit on all of them and choose the one your heart wants.
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  3. Go test ride. This will sort things out.
  4. Welcome mate :cool:

    Yeah try and organise some test rides or at least sit on a few. The above pointers are good advice.
  5. They were both top of my list. I bought the Monster because that's what the heart wanted. Have found it a hell of a lot of fun although it is an involving ride for a noob. Have done 12,000km on it in 5 months and it hasn't missed a beat. Regarding service cost, I booked mine in for its 12,000km service next week and was quoted $380 which sounds reasonable to me for a major service interval for Ducati. It's also the best sounds LAMS bike you get, especially once you put some termis, etc... on it.
  6. Ducati have tried to address that by specifying longer service intervals compared to their Jap counterparts.
    doesn't mean you shouldn't drop oil halfway between services ;) but shows they are aware of that reputation.
    that said, 12,000 vs 10,000 for oil is not that different
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  7. You can't really go wrong with either of them. My MT07 hasn't missed a beat in the 16000km I've put on it and I would very much recommend the MT07 to others.
  8. I'm a bit biased but I found the street triple to be the best premium Lams option.

    Also note if you are buying new, ducati no longer make the monster 659 so you might struggle to find one.

    Striple, monster and mt07 will all leave you shaking your head at how these bikes are allowed on LAMS.

    I rode a street triple 675r yesterday (on a private road from docklands to Albert Park of course) and was left very puzzled. My 660 is a quicker bike around town. No doubt about it. The torque on these Lams bikes is so low in the rev range that you have it instantly.
    Tables must turn at around 6k rpm I would guess.
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  9. I don't think anyone's bothered about oil changes (<$100 of oil and filter and 30 minutes once you've got the hang of it). It's the valve checks that get people worried - IIRC on the M659 they get done every 12000km service whereas I think the MT07 stretches that out to 30000km (albeit with double the number of valves to check).

    Welcome aboard Scipio1911Scipio1911
  10. Ducati seems to be saying every 24,000 for valves, and 30,000 for some models?

    much of a muchness, ride em both and pick the one that appeals most :)
  11. I tried the street triple and wasn't a fan but I've sat on the MT-07 and loved it and I've ridden my friends monster and loved that and before he got his I was sold on the MT-07 with an acropovic exhaust but now I'm not sure
  12. Yeah that's some models, mainly the newer ones. The 659 is part of the old-school 2V air-cooled brigade which means valves every 12000km. That's more than twice as often as the MT07 - hardly much of a muchness. Belts also need changing every 2yr/12000km, which isn't a huge expense but it's another additional cost over Jap bikes which generally use chains.
  13. If noise is high on your list of requirements, get the monster with a termi exhaust. Nothing comes close to that in Lams bikes.
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  14. Does anyone know if Ducati will be releasing a new LAMs bike or a newer model of the M659?

    I think I can't go wrong with the MT-07 at this stage as I can buy one from the local dealer and know exactly what's happened to it since It rolled out of the shop
  15. Pretty sure they still have the current M659 on the floor, otherwise the Scrambler Sixty2 will be their LAMS bike going forward
  16. Look on Bikesales but I think not, certainly none in Melbourne. No they are not replacing it, as CM said above its the scrambler or nothing :(
  17. Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't the 660 geared lower than the 675? Drop a cog on the 675 if you liked the 660.
  18. Maybe 4/5/6.
    Hard to imagine a longer first gear than on the 660 (prob all striples).
  19. Also think about the long run, do you think you will be upgrading once on your opens? I bought a brand new XJ6 as my LAMS and got stung as they are no longer making that model and dropped the RRP on the brand new ones by 2k. Wasn't a happy chappy when it came to trade in time!
    Hindsight I would have bought second hand low km's, but that wont be the case for everyone. Just food for thought.
  20. For a first bike, 2nd hand is always the best option. But if people have money burning a hole in their pocket, it allows others to buy their bike 2nd hand!