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Best LAMS Harley?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AussieAlex, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Hi I thought this would be an interesting question, as in the ACT the LAMS list has 30 - 40 Harleys listed, and Im wondering what would be a good one on your Ls? As there are big ones and small ones. eg sportster.

    Im guessing that it would depend on your physical size and strength, and if you want one that handles better or has more torque?

    Im not really interested in anyone saying "why do you want a harley?" its a legit question as there are so many harleys that are legal.


  2. Damn, wish we had LAMS Harleys in Vic. I'd probably get a Sportster for the size and handling.
  3. looks like the ACT list (ACT lams pdf) is based more on Power to Weight ratio (an area where most Harleys suck, due being constructed of lead and granite) than anything else.

    Other states have a hard upper limit of 660cc and power to weight ratio based system below that for calculating lams eligible bikes.

    Oh, and one of the modern sportsters would probably be the best bet as far as ease of use, being kind of learner friendly etc
  4. look at the year models :roll:

    another Netrider furphy
  5. ahahaa none of them....shit i think i'd rather have "MADE IN CHINAA!" bike
  6. I don't need to ask a question I already know the answer to. :wink:
    It's ok though, these days they say size doesn't matter :rofl:
  7. There's a propensity for learners to crash. Consider whether you want to do that to the HD, which I assume you'd want to keep (otherwise, they're much to expensive, I would have thought, to get as an meantime bike). Sportsters are good, unless you want to keep the bike for a long time and mainly want to cruise the highways, in which case just get teh bigger one you want. I'd rather a Sporstster even if I could afford any of them - cause I like light, and I like dirt farm roads; choose based on the sort of riding you want to do. If you just want to show off, go one of the bigger ones.
  8. Like this one?

  9. As mattb said, I would drop cash on a Harley as your first bike. Seriously, if you drop it you'll be up for a decent amount in parts and repairs as they are weighty beasts and have nice fittings with lots of shiny bits...

    ..anywho, that aside I'd probably recommend you get one that you like. Notice I said 'you'. Get a test ride, get a ride on the back, ask a mate, sit on one in the store - do whatever you have to do to get a feel for one. Think about other types of bike as well as there may be one that you take a shine to that you mightn't have originally considered.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. If you really want a Harley then go for the Sportster - less to damage if you drop it and relatively light. The good thing is that Harleys do hold their value well so that provided you keep it in good nick you won't lose much money if you decide to upgrade later.
  11. If it was me I'd look at the Sportster 883. I think it has the same bottom end as the 1200. As a result it's a really lazy engine that will last a long time.

    On top of that, there are upgrade kits for the engine to make it a 1200. I believe an upgraded 883 is a few thousand cheaper than a genuine HD 1200.

  12. Wrong thread - doh.
  13. thanks alot for all the replies, I have already ridden abit so I wouldnt be too worried about dropping it. I reckon Ill look at a sportster.. :)

    thanks again
  14. oops, which thread should it have been under Luke?
  15. I really do think the Sporster is your better bet.
    However the best bang for buck on the ACT LAMS list (for cruisers) is probably the Honda VT750 (Shadow).
    You get a really comfy bike that is perfectly suited to plodding around town as well as taking a nice ride to the Coast/Snowies/Whatever. You get reasonable handling, a good amount of power, decent fuel economy, and Honda reliability.

    So hopefully instead of just jumping on the standard NR "Harleys are shit m'kay" bandwagon (btw, I actually quite like Harleys - just not the price tag) - Ive given you a good alternative.
  16. I accidentally replied to something in the wrong thread - you're ok.