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Best LAM Bike Unrestricted

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ugo2037, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Yes this is my first post and i have already had a good read of everything around.

    I just spent a good 30 mins typing up a indepth post about the various power outputs of each bike, restricted and unrestricted and then i lost it all when trying to post. ANYWAYS

    I'm currently riding a VTR250 - awesome bike but i need something bigger. I do know i should wait to my full license but im not going to because my mate is shredding me in a straight line on his GSX650F LAM (full power) and i need something to keep up

    I'm looking at three bikes mainly:
    2011 Ninja 650RL ABS
    Pros: cheap ($10205), good resale, relilable, liquid cooled,nice upright riding position, abs
    Cons: Common, parallel twin engine, bike hasn't had much changed to it since the mid eighties

    Monster 659
    Pros: most likely the quickest but i'm unsure, braided hose, brembo big brakes, pirelli tyres, Ltwin engine, dual exhaust with a nice note, lite, abs, easy to unrestrict
    Cons: Its a bit girl, Its a little bit small for me (i'm 6"5ft), expensive ($15250)

    SFV650 Gladius
    Pros: like the vtwin, liquid cooled, almost as quick at 2/3 of the price of the ducati, nice riding position
    Cons: pretty sure its not available in abs, can be expensive to get new ecu to unrestrict, seat is meant to be really uncomfortable after a while

    I really like naked bikes (i could get the ninja naked in the form of the ER6NL). I'm just looking for a quick bike that i can LAM rego sticker but easily unrestrict it for track/my own enjoyment. Also let me know if there is anything i should also take a look at..

    Cheers if you can help me.
  2. Lets see if I understand what you want....

    a) A bike that is ON the LAMS list
    b) has to be restricted to be on the list i.e. too powerful
    c) you want the unrestricted version
  3. he's 'shredding' you.
    both ride bikes restricted to a power/weight ratio.
    it's not the bike.
    don't try to keep up. why would you do that ?
    second dumbarse today.
  4. I can only offer input on the ninja. I have ridden the 650nl, and I know a good rider can really hustle along on one. Plenty of power for the hills and once you learn the motor it is quite fun.
  5. the ninja 650 engine is modern and was introduced in 2005. you might be thinking of the 250 parallel twin which has a long history.
  6. Mmm no you misinterpretted me, granted it wasn't very clear cause i rushed the post. I want an LAM bike, that i can take the restrictions off easily. I dont want the unrestricted version.
  7. Never seen a Monster described as 'girly' before... but yeah your gonna pay top dollar for one.
    Check out the new 2012 Kawa ER6NL on Youtube.
  8. Ok mate, maybe you should have looked at the brackets in my original post where i stated his bike is FULL POWER. Second a vtr250 is in no way restricted, so saying both bikes restricted is stupid.

    I'm looking for advice not stupid comments from people like you. Please don't comment again unless you have something useful to say...
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  9. Thanks a lot mate. I actually got told that the engine hadn't changed since mid eighties by a mate who was looking into the 250, he must have been misinformed that the 650 is the same
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    The new 2012 ER6NL
  11. if you want raw performance in a lams bike (with the cost attached) either get a aprilia sxv550 or a husaberg fs650e.

    no lams bikes will come close in hoonability, handling, power to weight and just general badassery.

    but they arent practical bikes, in the style of riding around commuting or trying to not break every road law in the book.
  12. My vote is for keeping the VTR.

    Spend the restriction period learning to ride really well. Do an advanced riding course, maybe a track-day or two, read the sticky threads here, worry about your skills and not the power of the bike. Let your mate(s) ride faster if they want to. Don't worry about trying to keep up. Ride within your limits. Learn the real limits of the bike. Practice practice practice.

    Sticking with the VTR means you won't have to worry about the insurance implications of riding a non LAMS bike while in your restriction period.

    It also means you will be less likely outrun your guardian angel trying to impress others. I'm sorry to say this, but if you feel that you have to push the limits of both yourself and your bike, especially on the road, simply to prove something to your mate(s), then a bigger (or unrestricted) bike may not be a good idea at this time. It's not a good head-space to be in while riding.

    You're looking at bikes in the $10k-$15k range. Assuming you have the cash ready to spend now, if instead you were to put that money in a term deposit and wait until your restriction period is over, the sort of bikes you could buy then will blow your mind. And you'll be much better prepared to deal with them. Assuming you've been working on your skills, there'll be ample time for "shredding" your mates after the upgrade.

    Sorry to rain on your parade, and I honestly wish you all the best of luck with whichever path you decide to take.
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  13. I've done adv. riding course 1 & 2 and have done a track day, not to make out like i'm any kind of amazing rider. I've had my VTR250 for three years now and i love the bike, its awesome to handle and everything but i just need a bit more power.

    I probably chose the wrong word with 'shredding' and its not about who's quicker. I just want to keep up and also learn how to use a bit more power in corners, not really looking for straight line speed. As well, i want to do some longer rides and the vtr just doesn't cut it on highway rides.
  14. Go on bikesales and see what you can get with that $15k once you have your full licence!

    It might just make you decide that spending $15k for a 10kw power upgrade now is less exciting than an 80kw power upgrade in 12mo or so ;)

    I was going to trick out my CB400 but decided to funnel any money I would have spent on that into saving for the MV or whatever I'll be buying in 6mo time.
  15. How can you not have or not be indrecibly close to your full license already?
  16. what sort of riding do u do that he is shredding you? i keep up with my mate on his cbr1000rr on my vtr250 good enough for street use. sure he accelerates 10x faster than me but once he gets to 2nd hes already speeding and has to just coast. i smash him through traffic aswell because my bike is so skinny and i can corner way faster. i dont see why u would bother spending 10k on a new lams bike when in a year u will probably want to upgrade from that too. if u want something faster atleast get something cool like an rvf400
  17. lol exactly what i was thinking after i read his post
  18. Maybe he had it suspended. That extends the time.

    Oh and get a tard.
  19. if thats the case hows he gonna cope with a faster bike lol
  20. There's the Yamaha FZ6N as well. But, I don't think Yamaha's are available with ABS....