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Best Kevlar Jeans

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RedRobbo, May 24, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, I have read through the threads on Kevlar Jeans and it has been useful. I have read that triple stitched ones are the way to go. I also wanted to have knee pad inserts and hips. I would appreciate advice on the best out there so it will help me in choosing my pair thanks in advance everyone.

  2. Hi,

    For triple stiched that come with CE knee and hip armour go no further than here -

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  4. ordering my rhoks this weekend.

    Too much hype about them not to be what I need
  5. Thanks a lot guys, they both look great and seem to rated highly now which of the 2:-k.
  6. Put a RHOK between you and a hard place :)
  7. :rofl: Nice
  8. Groan......!

    But apt. Having recently done some live testing on my Kevlars and needing a new pair, these Rhoks look very interesting. My next pair will have armour in them.

  9. How about

    "get your RHOKS ON in case of that OFF "

  10. #10 Gord, May 25, 2012
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    Get your rocks off with your rhoks on!

  11. Dont end up with rocks in your legs when you have got RHOKS on your legs.
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  12. Rhoks are so comfy too! Got the bike into the garage this evening at about 5.30pm, it's about 10.30pm now and I've stii got them on after having mooched around the garage, had dinner, watched TV and plonked on the computer...just total comfort!
  13. None really. But slightly better than jeans I guess.
  14. Check out saritos
    I looked hard for the best but didnt
    See those rhoks so cant compare

    But check out saritos i recon better than
    Draggin with more kevlar and better looking
  15. You did say best these are probbally most
    Expensive but i love them
    They are a good looking jean so wearing
    While not riding happens
    I have spiral, illusion looks cool too
    I had to ship from uk cos aussie
    Suppliers are greedy ....
  16. Do not buy Sartso jeans!

    My first pair of kevlar jeans were Sartso and they unravelled......very poor indeed.
    My second pair are Draggin' oil skins and have weathered very well....

    I think I will go for the RHOK next though...

    Again, Sartso are not good.....don't do it
  17. Make sure you're Rhock'n when you're rollin'. or Rhok before you roll.

    Rhok it if you're gonna rocket.
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  18. Their Kevlar helmets are pretty schmik as well
  19. rhock out with your cock out, hang out with your wang out

    I am very dubious about these jeans, to me they just seem to be regular jeans with a dishcloth stuck under the knees for $200

    has anybody got any first hand experience of sliding down the belt sander with these jeans on?

    All the talk of kevlar, but the kevlar is not woven into the fabric as far as i know.
    it is just a kevlar dishcloth stuck in place under the jeans.
    pretty crappy effort if you ask me

    you would be better off buying skateboard pads because they actually work!
  20. Not really
    consider that kevlar degrades when exposed to ultra violet rays

    when it is woven into the denim fabric it will degrade due to its exposure

    underneath the denim it is another story though

    There are plenty of stories on this web site on how kevlar saved peoples skin