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Best kawasaki dealership in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pro-pilot, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I am looking at a new kawa in the next few months. From your experiences what dealership, near the CBD can you recommend with most importantly:

    After sales service;
    Servicing of the bike itself;
    Loan bikes, and
    Tuning, aftermarket parts experience.

  2. I cannot speak for the bike side of things, but when I was in Melbourne last I bought a fairing for the Hornet from 1300Kawasaki in Ringwood. The service was terrific, the worshshop manager helped me fit it, at no extra cost, and the chocolate cake was yummy :LOL:.
  3. I recommend Brighton

    ..bought my last couple of Kwakas from them
    and had them fix/co-ordinate a crash repair or 2

    I have found with that it pays to speak to the shop owners
    (has helped with the current owner Mick and the previous one, Ken)
    especially for service..and major parts (tyres etc)


  4. I was a bit disappointed with 1300Kawasaki Ferntree Gully, the service manager has no people skills, and for the one job I had done there, they didn't seem to take any care in their work. The Parts guys are really good, however.
  5. I went in to 1300 in Ringwood to enquire about the new 10 and the sales guy didn't even know there was one coming!

    I would try Race Replica.
  6. i'd recommend brighton kawasaki. they have good tools & mechanics.
    try to get mick/frank
  7. bought my bike from brighton service is great. Mick and the other mechanic where very helpfull wen i bought back my bike a month later with an issue. Was well aware that i had no warranty wen i bought it. They fixed it up no questions asked. young guy who helps out on weekends think he is only 16 odd was also very helpfull with accesories and didnt mind me trying on every jacket/helmet in the shop.

    +1 for Brighton Kawa.

    Also sentimental value as i spent my early days running round that building when it was Sweathog if anyone remembers as it was my old mans business.

    Used to go into kawa wen i was next dore and drool over ninja's
  8. Race Replica in Brooklyn.
  9. now...that is a VERY long time ago.... :LOL:
  10. :LOL: So the sales guys are the tools, or who?!

    Hey PP, are you planning on adding to the collection, or getting rid of one of your current toys?
  11. Adding. ZX10R. But waiting to see it in the flesh.
  12. Hey mate.. I have built a very good relationship with Race Replica.

    When you are ready let me know and ill meet up with you there if you want and intro you... I am very happy with how i am looked after.. As i have stated in other posts, you have to get to know them as well as let them get to know you... :grin:
  13. race replica :cool:
  14. Np Blue, will do. Haven't been down to see those guys before, but have checked out thier website.
  15. the sales guy were a tool for not selling me the bike a while ago :p
  16. Yeah, Brighton have always been pretty good. One of my mates has a ZX6R and always raves about how good they are there.
  17. I had massive issues with Cosway in the city but since that I have always taken it to Brighton Kawa.

    Mick and his crew are champions and always have the time to look after you.
  18. Cosway got taken over by peter stevens recently, so might get better/more expensive(or both?)
    Brighton seem good, used them a bit lately.
  19. I have been told that 1300Kawasaki in Ringwood has just been bought out by Peter Stevens too. The way it's heading there will soon be only one place to buy your bike anyway.
  20. Peter stevens has bought out 1300 kawasaki. My neighbours works for peter stevens in kensington where they asseble the bikes. 1300 kawasaki in ringwood are fantastic for sales and service. A couple of the boys have placed orders for the 2009 ZX2R ninja. They are more than happy to follow up in quiries you have even if you dont buy a bike from them.