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Best jackets for summer?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mikethebear, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. I currently own a textile jacket, and despite removing all the inserts bar the armoured pads, I am still burning up. So, I was wondering what jackets are best suited to the Australian summer. I was considering a Fox Titan Sports jacket from BikeBiz, but it's designed for dirt riding, not the road.

  2. I can vouch for the RSJ275, I've been riding in the Brisbane summer in the last few weeks and it's been good so far, lots of armour and good fit. Not hot even when I was sitting at the lights in the middle of the day (I had the white one tho)
  3. Can vouch for the rsj275, does an awesome job of flowing air and is the most armoured mesh jacket you will find.
  4. I'm looking at the Dainese Air Frame, comes in various styles and bimoto is by far the cheapest.

  5. The REV'IT stuff is outstanding - I have the Tarmac Air, vents really well.
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  6. Anybody tried any of the BMW jackets???
  7. I have the dainese air frame. Very good jacket - although the forearm area does not have enough venting resulting in sweaty arms.

    And yes +1 for bimoto - great prices and service.
  8. I've got one of these jackets. It's really nice in the constant hot weather we get around here, and with the removable liner you can go down to about 12 degrees. The liner folds down extremely small, you could stuff it into your jeans pocket if you wanted.

    It's also one of the few mesh jackets that has shoulder protection. I looked at a few Dainese and Revit options, but their mesh jackets don't have shoulder protection in them.

    I also added the back protector. Although it's pretty large and heavy, its design allows it to flow air really well. You don't notice much difference in airflow with it in.
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    Then you can count the Fly Coolpro I bought recently as amongst those with shoulder protection (and some fairly reasonable back protection). Works pretty well in Brisbane weather, I wrote a review on it here:
    My views on it haven't really changed. Even with the recent increase in temp/humidity it still feels not that much different to just riding in a t-shirt (the jacket feels surprisingly light when you're wearing it).

    Only negative I've found is that the rain liner doesn't breathe, so isn't so great for tropical storms since you get almost as wet from sweat as you would from the rain. However that seems to be the case with every other mesh jacket I've seen anyway.
  10. The Spidi jacket has the option of wearing one of these under it,

    which is supposedly breathable but I have heard that before. It would be interesting to see how these perform in a tropical downpour.
  11. My REV'IT came with shoulder, elbow and back protection. I upgraded the back protection to Sastech though. The standard stuff is more than adequate.
  12. Yeah I'm sure mine said somewhere that it was breathable too - but is about as breathable as a plastic bag in practice at high humidity.

    Putting the waterproof layer on the inside just doesn't seem to work very well. Still yet to try the mesh jacket with the waterproof outer jacket I use with my leathers instead to see if that works any better.
  13. Only if you are able to apply for a mortgage, but they are pretty good too.
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  14. I've just retired my Dri-Rider Nordic hybrid. Common sense should have told me that anything labeled Nordic was going to be warm when worn in the tropics. I've replaced it with a tailored Kangaroo perforated leather jacket from Comet leathers online. Light weight, still wearable at 40c with the humidity at +90%. Only cost me $600 delivered via DHL too
  15. Got this for 149 at AMX in lynbrook. Not sure if its the best but it was great in the recent heatwave we've had in melbourne. The neck part creates a nice flow of air down your back