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best insurance melbs - tried search:)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bluepill, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. hey guys
    im sure this has been over this forum like a rash but what is the best/ cheapest insurance place in melbs? (if someone can post the previous threads that would be awesome!) i searched but didnt pull up much in the first few pages.

    i have tried insure my ride, ebike and qbe....qbe came out the cheapest but yeh not sure if anyone uses them?

    - 30yr old and handsome taboot
    - sv650s 08 dull grey (soon) why the f dont they make more colors!
    - ride 3-4 days a week, mostly commute (random walk to work to loose the beer gut)
    - just got of provisionals to opens but raced dirt bikes if that counts:)
    - no previous full comprehensive insurance, had crap cars

    any help or previous experience would be gerat! esp peeps in the same sitch as I am in
  2. Was always RACV for me but now i have Shannons Insurance. I have 2 bikes and a car comprehensively insured through them, I pay $100 a month for all 3. The bikes are on the lowest usage which is roughly once a week. I think it was about $100 more (each bike) to put them on daily use.
  3. thanks bikechick, are you with shannons or insuremyride?
    i have 2 cars and a bike so getting them all on the same might be the way to go...

    anyone else able to add to some suggestions?
  4. My Guzzi is insured with western QBE. They were the cheapest and also offered two years replacement on the new bike where the others only offered one year. They have a designated rider option that made it a bit cheaper too, and I ride my bike every day. RACV were much more expensive and Arista were worst of all even with the over 40 years old rider option. Hope that helps.
  5. Swann are currently trialing Pilot program giving Ratings to non rating riders based on licenced years. happy to Help
  6. So is this in place at the moment?
  7. If no one did use them, they would no longer be around.

    QBE have been doing bikes for a looooong long time. They know bikes.

    Shannons and IMR are pretty new to bikes but to me they are a co. that listened and acted.

    Their policies are excellent and suit me so I'm with Shannons.

    Pointless posting your stats on here.
    Ring them all, get a price and then sit down and read the PDS's
    Not all insurers are the same.
    Choose the one that suits you. Cheapest is not always the best.
    My policy with Shannons costs almost double to what QBE quoted me but hey......
  8. try suncorp. they were half the price for me vs anywhere else. have a 24hour enquiries line too.
  9. What additional features spend this additional money mate? What were you keeping an eye out for?