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Best insurance company for a 20 year old?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by bullet21, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. I just bought a 2000 ZZR, will be bringing it home monday :grin: :grin: :grin: . Just wondering who offers cheap insurance for someone who is 20. I will only get thrid party, as i couldnt afford comprehensive. Who is the best?

  2. The best is the one that provides the cover you need at the best price.
    Nobody but you can decide which is best, so go do some online quotes and make some phone calls.

    We don't know your history, garaging address etc etc
  3. Congrats on ur new purchase :)

    try western qbe, aami, nrma (not that great for anyone under 25), insuremyrice.com, shannons, and a few others if u click on 'partners'

    The best would just be to set aside a day and call around.
    Call western qbe last, as they have a deal to beat any other deal (within certain conditions)

    Good luck!!!!
  4. Unless their policy is not to insure anyone under 25. Oh wait that IS their policy ;) Crap what am I doing up this early.. off to canberra I go..
  5. i have 5 kg of lovely jasmine rice i want insured!
  6. lol @ duff

    mate call around, for just third party i didnt find that big a difference between bikes or insurers, unless 20 bucks or so really worries you. hell calling up 10 different places will cost you 20 bucks in phone calls. you shouldnt be paying any more than about 200 bucks, and pay it in one hit, monthly payments will cost you a shit load more.
  7. hmmm i'd recommend comp insurance for a ZZR, replacement fairings are insanely expensive for that bike, more expensive than most 250 faired bikes from memory... and if it's that lovely blue ZZR, the paint's a real pain in the ar$e to match...
  8. Try swann insurance, mine was organized through the bike dealership and was cheaper than 4 others.

    They seem to be one of only a few that will insure under 25's.
  9. cheers for the advice guys, ill most likely go with RACV, its only 170 bucks and that's who my car insurance is with.

    As for the comprehensive part, i doubt i could afford that, it costs like 1000 dollars extra. And no its not a sexy blue its and even more sexy maroon :p .

    ill put picy's up once i get it on mondee
  10. shannons IS insuremyride (well, sister company, basically same thing). when I rang them for a quote they said they could put my call through to them in the office next door ;-)

    insuremyride was almost $400 cheaper than everyone else, try their online quote thing :)
  11. i found western qbe 500bucks cheaper than IMR for a 2005 firestorm full comp