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Best hot weather gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Peleus, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm after a new jacket and gloves at the moment. I own the tiger angel guardian suit along with a few pair of draggin jeans for every day use, which also does me largely though out winter (The gortex in the suit keeps you pretty warm).

    The one thing that kills me though is the hot weather. Leather jacket + Jeans + Under tail exhaust cooks me quite nicely.

    Can someone please recommend the best hot weather jacket (that offers reasonable protection) and tell me what you do for pants? I can't imagine there would be much cooler stuff then the jeans anyway.

    Thanks folks.
  2. I've had tiger angel Tour pants for 10 years, but I don't find pants a problem in hot weather, just the jacket. My 10 year old Alpinestars Hero jacket has been giving me the shits in the recent hot weather so I bought a synthetic Spidi jacket, it has a thermal layer, waterproof layer and the outer. The outer has good armour, and mesh panels that let the air blast through really well. I've ridden 120km to Melb. and back in the last week a couple of times, as low as 12 degrees and I wasn't cold with the waterproof layer in, and as high as 35 with just the outer was most comfortable.
  3. I've got a DriRider Rally Cross Jacket with heaps of venting and airflow by way of mesh material. It's really cool in summer.
  4. As pete indicated, check out that thread of mine about the dririder climate control, not a bad jacket imo.

    As for pants I currently wear jeans and dont really have a problem apart from i dont have any impact or abrasion resistants (im working on getting some draggins).

    But have seen dririder do a "AirMesh" pant which retail for about $150.
    I could not tell you how cool they are but are designed for summer riding with vented thigh and leg panels. So i assume they would be reasonably good once the air was flowing.

    Best to check around I guess, but anything in an airmesh style should provide reasonable airflow and still give a decent amount of abrasion resistance
  5. Ixon do a summer jacket which is just that, it doesn't have an additional waterproof removable liner. If you already have a heavier jacket you may not wish to buy all the extras again.

    The model is Ixon Hacker. It has elbow, shoulder and back protectors and some adjustments for fit.

    Cheers, v.