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Best helmet pick @ $200?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fatjoez, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Hi there need advice on helmets under $200? found a few options to start

    AGV K3

    HJC CSR2

    LS2 FF387

    Nolan N63

    no Rjays due to bad reviews

    Clueless & open to anything
  2. if your price range is fixed then choose by fit and comfort.
    It's like buying shoes ... don't buy if it pinches or presses in spots that will become irritating after a while ... ears and foreheads seem to be key points in this regard. Remember it will be on your noggin for hours at some times and they are very hard to adjust on the go. If you wear glasses check they go on ok too. :)
  3. That is all ^^^^^
  4. Also if you ever wear headphones when riding take these too.
  5. What I did was make a list of helmets that seem suitable, whatever shape they are, then go to a place and try them all on. Then in my case, disregard the list and buy something completely different because you liked it when you were trying things on.

    I searched reviews for hours but in the end, when your in the shop, thats the only way you can really tell.
  6. I've only got my $700 Arai helmet to compare to, but I have heard that the cheaper helmets tend to be more on the noisy side at higher speeds and tend to make you sweat more. So you may want to consider investing in some decent earplugs to go along with your new helmet purchase.
  7. Check high and low for shops selling old stock helmets, I went to action at paramatta and got a shark that has been superseded and was originally $550 for $150 , awesome helmet
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  8. Personally I like HJCs because I seem to have an HJC shaped head.

    Buy whichever fits best.

    Bikebiz sometimes have good runout deals. I got my current lid from them for a very good price because the graphics are so pukeworthy that n-one else wanted it.
  9. Yep agree fit & comfort which will differ by person due to head shape etc but for the record I have a hjc and I love it
  10. A fellow round head huh ?
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  11. A Cromwell helmet will fit best in that case.
  12. I'd look the goods in one of them.
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  13. Need to go with full back and breastplates for the full effect. Gets a bit hot in a lengthy slide though ;).
  14. Is your budget extendable?

    i have a shark vision R that i've had for 12 months now and it is light and comfy and pretty decent.

    better than my old helmet (Rjays LOL <as per my old avatar) that's for sure.
  15. Not planning one of those, a lengthy slide at my doddering old age would probably see me out.
  16. What about an Aldi for 65. You could get 3 for your $200, all in different colours.
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  17. I have an AGV K3, it's good for what it is. Light and looks good. Don't know why people complain about wind noise so much when it comes to helmets so it must be fairly quiet. Only complaint is it fogs at night when you're at the lights but this was easily fixed by sticking a fogcity insert inside the visor (similar to pinlock).

    Not sure what you've read about Rjays but I was looking at a website earlier which actually rated an Rjays and Shark Evoline among the safest helmets.

    If I had to do it all over again and my budget was $200 then I would get the modular Rjays Tour Tech TSS. It has a built-in retractable sun visor and being modular means you can fill up without having to take your helmet off.
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  18. On the subject of helmets, I was looking into some hi-vis ones and thought I could take it a step further by going illuminative. They will definitely make you more noticeable at night and will probably alleviate the need for a road worker style vest. My only worry is they may attract too much attention to a point they may become distractive for other motorists.

    What is the general consensus on glow in the dark helmets?
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  19. Buy the one that fits the best. This applies to any helmet purchase regardless of price.