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Best Helmet if you wear specs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ssadam, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Hi - I wear glasses and have found it hard to sometimes put them on comfortably and properly once my helmet is on. I'm also worried that one time when doing this I may break them leaving me stranded as I cant ride without them.

    I dont/cant wear contacts. Are there any helmets specifically designed to cater for people who wear glasses?
  2. Shark Vision R series 2
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  3. Mine (Shark Speed-R) has removable foam inserts to make way for specs.
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  4. Agree, have this Helmet and it is easy to wear glasses with it. It has an in built visor also.
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  5. Depends on the frames of the glasses.

    But for the most part I've found HJC, AGV and Arai to be consistently better.

    I tried a new Shark (can't remember the model) last weekend and I couldn't get my glass in and on at all. Oh and the 'breath guard' touched my nose - and yes I have a big nose.
  6. Shark Vision R. I've been riding with specs since 1974 and over a heap of different brands and models the Vision R is undoubtedly the best...
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  7. Hmm I must try a Vision R. The one I tried was an S900 or something.
  8. Thanks guys - I will investigate these.
  9. Oh and here's a tip for new players.

    If you wear glasses make sure you take your helmet with you when you buy a new pair.
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  10. Ortho K lenses are also another alternative to contact lenses.

    I've been in em 2 years and swear by them. You only wear them sleeping and they correct your vision over night.
  11. An open face or dual purpose is convenient. I just use a SHOEI open face and prescription safety glasses. Bu then I ride a cruiser and ride like an old man. Oh! that's right, I am an old man.
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  12. After a week or so my vision was still decaying rapidly over a day, night vision was terrible.
  13. I went through about 5 trials before I got the right ones. The first few pairs couldn't get me past -1.00. But eventually found a pair that worked.

    Day 2 isn't perfect if i forget them and night vision has minor halo issues.
  14. I tried the Vision R. It was no good for me. Seems my ears were in the wrong place and I have a smallish head. Finally got an Arai
  15. I bought a cheap pair of glasses online with skinny wire arms. Cost under $30. Cheaper than a new lid.
  16. H
    How could that be of any use, pardon me for asking? I wear prescription glasses, which no cheap 'one-size-fits-all' glasses can begin to match.
  17. You can buy prescription glasses online, and some of them are as cheap as $30-ish, frames and lenses (but for that price probably low index plastic lenses with no coatings). All you need to know is your prescription. These sites are the reason many optometrists are now cagey about giving you your actual prescription written down, or they'll omit some important information such as PD to prevent you from going online.
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  18. I've seen a couple of flip up helmets as well, they may be worht a try. I've gor failry expensive glasses with Titanium arms, so the are flexible enough to fit just about any helmet.
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  19. I have the same thin arms, slide in well to my Bell RS-1.

    I find anything with a straight arm rather then the ear hook works well. Still prefer contacts though.