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Best helmet for prescription glasses?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by j0shman, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. I couldn't find a specific thread on this, so apologies if it's already been discussed.

    I need to wear glasses pretty much all the time (contacts are difficult for my eyes to tolerate for long periods), so what are some of the ideal helmets for this? Ive read on this forum the Shark Vision R is ideal, but are there others? I'd appreciate hearing from those more experienced.

  2. Shark are pretty firm around the ears.. they generally fit people with narrow head/ long nose.. I struggle to even get ear plugs in with my RSR2..
  3. RHOK helmet has nice ear space, not too tight on the temples either.
  4. I would have thought it had more to do with head shape than whether you wear glasses. I wear glasses, and my Shoei was fine with them. The BMW system 6 is taking longer to break in, but I think it's more to do with my head shape.
  5. I have a Shark Vision R and it is relatively easy to use glasses with the helmet. The design of the helmet allows glasses to be easily put on and taken off BUT the main thing with any helmet is fit and if the helmet doesn't fit properly its no good.

    The Vision R is also reasonably priced which makes it attractive, but I find there is a fair amount of wind noise. Suggest you go to a few bike shops and try various helmets for fit and ease of putting on your glasses.

  6. TBH I think you're just going to have to try on a variety of helmets and see how they fit with your glasses. A helmet that gives you plenty of spectacle space is no use if it doesn't actually fit you otherwise.

    For what it's worth, I've needed specs for riding/driving for a few years now and, prior to that, wore sunnies most of the time anyway. I've yet to find a lid which meant I couldn't wear glasses, although some have meant more wangling to get the bows over my ears than others. I guess if you got one that was tight round the ears it could get uncomfortable where the bow is trapped between ear and head. I can't comment on that because I haven't found one. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  7. About the last 15 years of my riding has been with glasses and my experience has been that it's a combination of how glasses and helmet fit. It's a bother to do, but when buying new of either, I try them every combination I may use them.
    You can also get different arms on some glasses to make them fit in easier and not protrude too far behind your ears. I give more priority on how the helmet fits and have managed to make the glasses work with them.
  8. Contact lenses... Problem solved!

    Laser sight correction... Even better than contact lenses!
  9. Unfortunately, I can't have either.
  10. For what it is worth, I have your problem with glasses.'Cant get contacts,eyesights too bad, so have solved the problem with a pair of Oakley glasses. They have flat and strait bits that go past your ears as oposed to ones that hook over the ears. These combined with a shark helmet (they have little bits of padding you remove to fit glasses in) problem is solved.
  11. You may want to try a Nolan N43, the very best thing is you can use the helmets tinted inner visor even when wearing glasses, and putting down the main visor is just a bonus.
  12. If you have a round head, give the Kabuto (previously OGK) Aeroblade III a look. Not an expensive lid, well made and is glasses-friendly (has a small gap on the cheekpads for fiting them, and big ear openings)
  13. I've worn an Arai Vector II with various glasses, both prescription and non, and had no issues at all. In a crash situation, landing face-first on bitumen at about 50kmh, wearing a shitty pair of non-prescription cheapo sunglasses, I had absolutely no problems, so I imagine that a decent prescription set of glasses you should be completely fine.
  14. FWIW, I've had to wear glasses since before I had a bike licence, in 1964.

    The great leap forward, to me, was when BMW brought out the first flip front helmet.

    You just leave the glasses on, put on the helmet and close the front.... no dramas.

    Prior to that, I used to wreck pairs of glasses on a regular basis, putting them on and off inside a full face helmet.

    As an added bonus, you don't have to take the helmet off for a quick smoke. :)
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  15. Or take it off at the servo. :cool:
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  16. I have found HJC to be the best FOR ME.

    If you wear glasses, never buy a helmet without trying it on with your glasses and never buy glasses without trying them on in your helmet.

    Personally, I found the Shoei and Shark helmets really uncomfortable, and I couldn't get my glasses on at all with the Shoei. Mind you that was some years ago.

    again, try on different helmets, what works for me may not work for you...There is no absolute right or wrong answer
  17. I'd be going for a tinted inner visor too as long as it clears the glasses. Glasses that tint might be enough but might not. I just love the tinted inner visor in my Rjays TSS Tourtech (when I got used to where the switch was) - never tried it with glasses on though. I might need to soon.
  18. I have a ZEUS ZS-3000A flip front that allows sunnies quite easily, even with the internal shade down. But I guess you need to check with your own head.
  19. I'm like you. Have to wear glasses all the time and after a lot of research, bought Shoei TZ-X.

    They have tiny slots on the side to allow the glasses to fit in. Perfect.

    Shark was a bit of a tight fit and yes, I've an odd shapes head. :)
  20. Thanks for all the helmet suggestions guys...I know fully well that the best way is to obviously try them on with my specs to see for fit/finish, but now I have at least some idea of particular models as a start. Cheers!