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Best helmet camera

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by fruechtel, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Irrespective of the current court cases and resulting confusion about the legality of helmet cameras I am looking to buy one in the near future. I have come across an US site which offers the Fusar Mohawk camera package. (
    ) To my way of thinking it beats anything on the market now with it's multiple functions and aerodynamic styling. Alas I am very skeptical about the way it is marketed. The developers are asking you to put the money up now ( with a significant discount) and you may [or may not] receive your goods in 7 months from now. They also will give you a free one if you convince 4 buyers to fork out the dough for one. Looks a bit like a pyramid scheme to me. I just very much like the total concept of this system, because it is so much more than just a camera. Maybe I will just have to wait and buy one, when it actually hits the market, even if the price could be higher then.

  2. Looks pretty sweet, hopefully it lives up to all the claims they are making
  3. that's how crowdfunding works :)
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  4. I have one of the Sony HDR-AZ1's and it's brilliant.

    Harvey Norman had the AS200V on special for $150 the other day, which is ridiculously cheap. Highly recommended, especially for the image stabilization
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  5. I have an AS 200V with all the attachments that I got for $130. Its a really good, low profile camera.
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  6. have you looked at the mobius?

    I use one in the GF's car as a dashcam but several years ago they were used by lots of vloggers as a top of head slim cam.


    Easy to set up and tiny. Got mine for $80ish AUD.
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  7. Put your money into a feiyu wearable gimbal set up. Will make any camera look good.
  8. That's a very impressive list of features.
    Now I'm imagining some of those integrated with those in the BIKEHUD Adventure, which doesn't mention recording (front and rear), but surely it must be on the cards.
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  9. this looks awesome! curious as to how the headset in the bundle physically connects to the unit.
  10. I have the AS 200V - how do you guys tackle the wind noise given its front mounted mics?
  11. I swapped to the skeleton case and use a mic into the helmet.

    Also mounting away from wind blast between a flyscreen helps.

    I mounted one on my pillion seat facing backwards the other day and the sound us incredible, given its right above the exhaust.
  12. That is insanely cheap give the 200V usually retails for around $400 !!! You sure it wasn't the AS20V? I have one of these which retail for around $200 normally great camera.

    In terms of wind noise.......

    I'm mounting my sony action cam on my bars now in the waterproof case. Though to get rid of the fogging (the camera heats up and creates fog) I drilled a couple small holes at the front and rear of the case (the camera is waterproof in any case). I get to hear mostly my engine now. Here is a clip of what it looks like (note the anti-shake worked well on the lid, but made things terrible on the bike).

    Regarding the Mohawk......I like it, though it isn't my cup of tea anymore as I very much like not having the camera on my head. Though this could be a result of not having a low enough profile setup to make head mounting ok for me. Having it in the centre on the top is a good idea as it makes the extra wind drag the same on each side of your head. etc.
  13. When I still had it mounted, recorded audio on my iPhone in my pocket, and audio synched after. Before I mount it again, I'll modify the waterproof case to take an external mic and still be rain proof. Can't be bothered to audio sync anymore.
  14. My next problem is on the Panigale 959 it does vibrate a bit and even with the image stabilisation on it pretty much rules out me mounting the camera on the bike and leaves the helmet as my only option.