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Best Guns & Roses SOLO - amazing !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nickers330, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. #1 Nickers330, Jan 10, 2011
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    This guy is good ! Many claim he may be better than Slash himself - check it out for yourself.
    This song has a special place in my heart - 1st I drummed on my first ever acoustic pearl white kit many many moons ago (y)


    So, what do you think ?

  2. Petty nuts! Very jealous eh.

    But better than slash? come on that's just heresy :p
  3. Nobody likes a smartarse :D
  4. better to be a smartarse than a dumbarse
  5. Sorry, moto?
  6. ..I didn't like it!!.. I found it cold and lacking in any feeling. A case of monkey see, monkey do for me!!... [-(
  7. Excellent...with talent like that he should do well...keep on rockin'
  8. This is bike related??

    You would think a mod would know where to post in the correct section....
  9. Grange,
    First and foremost, you are 100% correct and I will admit that yes, it was a mistake. At 0353hrs this morning, fatigue was certainly a key player on this, hence the result.

    Whilst I appreciate your good intentions, I'd hate to think there was underlying sarcasm with your comment.....
  10. Whilst he did a pretty good job of it, there's more to claiming brilliance than a note by note mimicry of a studio version of a song. Let's not forget for a start the creativity that went into envisaging and then executing the riffs and solos throughout this song that make it the song it is - whose mind came up with that? The original artist or the cover guitarist?

    Better than Slash? Let's hear some creative genius and not a relatively soulless play by numbers. :wink:

    I've heard it covered better. His timing is off in places :D
  11. #11 Ljiljan, Jan 11, 2011
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    A live recording will always always sound better than a studio even if the performers are barely halfway competent. Having said that, the studio one sounds better.

    Want to hear a proper cover?
  12. #12 Thera, Jan 11, 2011
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    Agreed, its a decent copy, but its missing a lot of pizzazz and enthusiasm.

    Having seen slash do that song its nowhere near it btw

    Talented : [media=youtube]mZ6tKxxuyrc[/media]
  13. That was good fun, but it was still a cover. Mind you, one should think long and hard before slamming anyone for covering the Gunners, firstly because it keeps the music alive and heard, and secondly because the Gunners themselves were one of the world's great cover bands.
  14. It was quite good,though it forced me to watch the proper song, and now I know I will be listening to GnR at work today.
  15. Nick I don't think you need to apologise as it appears you posted in the appropriate forum so don't know what the issue is unless the thread has been moved already.
    Off Topic Stuff A place to discuss topics that are unrelated to bikes or riding.
    Not much into this type of music but the dudes got talent and credit where it's due.
  16. Had to Laugh at one of the Comments posted on the Youtube page for this Vid.


  17. Thank you ResmeN. My reply to Grange was posted moments before I physically moved this thread here, to Off Topic Stuff, so for a while it was in 'a wrong place'. I could have deleted/edited my post to 'hide' this...but I have nothing to hide. Yes, even Mods do mistakes, Grange !

    I like to think that Grange had good intentions, hence my approach to rectify the mistake, in a non-authorative manner.

    However, sarcasm and smart-arse behaviour is something that isn't necessary, and doesn't sit very well with me.

    Clint Eastwood had it right from the get-go : Go ahead, make my day (y)
  18. Excellent copy.

    Better than Slash? My dog chewing on my guitar's strings is better than Slash. Admittedly "better" is in the eye of the beholder.
  19. flinders_72 : When are we jamming, bud ? :D
  20. I'd jam with you but my guitar only has 3 strings, the others having been chewed by the dog, who thought he sounded pretty cool. I speak from experience.

    Actually, many years ago I was holidaying at Crescent Head and was strumming the guitar in my tent one night when a local fellow comes up and asks if I want to have a jam. Now, I only play for myself and don't classify myself as being good enough for people to listen to so I declined. He told me he'd made some records and took me over to his caravan to have a look. Not only had he made some records but he'd made gold records, which he showed me.

    I actually dislike country music and had never heard of him until then. His name was Les Partell and older country music fans will probably have heard of him. I was embarrassed that he'd heard my garbage but would have been more embarrassed to play alongside him.

    So I'll ask my dog if he wants to jam with you, but you supply the strings, ok?

    Sorry for getting off topic.