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Best Gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Saml, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Sorry if this subject has done the rounds a few times & it's getting old, I haven't seen anything.

    So many different pants, materials, padding.

    Can someone suggest the safest, (would survive most accidents/gravel rash etc..) pants for warm weather?

    I'm having trouble sifting through all the jargon.

    I've got a dririder jacket, I've taken the thermal lining out, it's great.

    Still want some opinions on whats the best.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have Draggin Jeans and Rossi boots.
    I can't really say if their any good when you come off from personal experience(hopefully won't be able to for a long time!!), but from everything I've read here the Draggins are really good when you come off. The Rossi's were also the most comfortable boots that I came across- some were just bloody uncomfortable!
  3. just depends on how much money you got to spend
  4. I'm more worried about my safety than money, I've allowed for the cost of gear. (since I'm not well informed) I'll probably add, I don't know what the top of the range is, so I'm not saying I'll buy pants for $1000
  5. Most durable would be leather, in QLD climate you'd want it perforated and mesh lined. Still would get pretty warm at times though.
  6. My Oxtar Abe replica boots are awesome, very comfy, look hot as, titanium sliders (not that i need em).
    And most importantly i dont think you could get better protection.

    $399 from www.bikebiz.com.au
  7. Like Burnsie,
    i've also got the Draggin's and Rossi's. OK so perhaps not a good protection as leather but a good compromise i reckon for what i want.
    The Draggins were good for me cause i'm a tall, skinny bugger so the custom made thing was good as i could specify the measurements. The Rossi boots were the most comfortable, normal looking boot that look fine under the draggins if you want to walk round all day in them. They might not be as good protection as some full on race boots but the are strong and have thick leather and good quality stitching etc.
  8. Unless they cover your entire leg, I don't think they're suitable for use as pants:
    So anyway - safest is invariably leather, with foam armour (not plastic-coated foam, unless it's for track riding). Unfortunately you'll melt in hot weather - but it's not as bad as some make out. If that's too hot, there's lightweight Cordura stuff, or Draggin Jeans. IMO both would offer similar abrasive protection, although I'd rely more on the Draggins than Cordura. Get either with foam armour inserts, and you'll be reasonably well protected in a moderate speed crash. At high speed, it doesn't really matter what you wear - if you slam into a car at 100km/h, it'll hurt.
  9. That depends on the grade of cordura. I can guarantee you that a 600 denier cordura pants with 1000 denier in the impact/slide area's will hold up much better then Draggins. Not to mention they come me knee and hip padding already and most of them are water-proof.

    1000 denier cordura is about abrasive resistant as leather. Cotton and the other hand is not.
  10. Mate this is a question we'll all ask and very often, if we are keen about our safety and also want comfort when we ride. Here in Melbourne we have a saying "if ya dont like the weather just wait a minute" in other words it can be all seasons in one day. It can be cold in the morning hot in the arvo and rain on ya way home. So it can be difficult to dress for but I have a backpack so if it gets hot i take the thermals out and if it is raining I have wet weather gear under my seat. So you have to be prepared for all weather.

    Get the best all round gear you can for your budget. Good Luck :)
  11. dunno what i was reading, thought opinions on boots were sought after as well. I must be on drugs or something!!!
  12. We've had enough "offs" of late by people wearing Draggins for them to have a reasonable endorsement. That said, nothing protects like leather, but you wouldn't want to be pulling leathers on and off for a trip to the corner shop, nor in Queensland temperatures and humidity.
  13. i ride in draggins and dririder boots. paid the regular price for draggin.. $200, and also got a pair of plastic overpants for wet weather.
    the dririder boots are great.. light, comfortable, and has all the protection you could want