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best gear level for learners test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Portagrug, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Hi all.. orright.. fashion/noob questions..

    Doing L test on saturday.. (Wooot!)

    what should i wear.. should i be a total stickler for ATGATT (boots cordura pants and jacket gloves and helmet) OR should i take my jacket for waterproofing issues gloves and helmet and just wear standard jeans (not kevlar) and my comfey steelcap runners that i wear 99% of the time??

    a couple of thought points.. if i turn up in full gear.. ill look like a tool.. (EDIT: NOT SAYING ALL THE GEAR MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A TOOL!!! just that it might not be all that common to have all the gear before having a license..) not that i really care.. but i dont like being made an example of.. (good or bad) and should i go with super mobile / flexible legs feet and arms to make sure that all the memory's of gear changes are nice and easy.. (its been a while)

    Would love any advice from noobs who just did their L's.. and also the old schoolers as well :)

    Thanks all :)
  2. Wear the boots and gloves you'll wear on the road, so you teach your muscle memory what it will need to know on the road.

    Wear your own helmet. It will fit better and not smell like the last seventeen people.

    Jacket you'll need for the weather.

    You won't be sliding. If you drop the bike it will be at walking pace or less, so any jeans should do - but why not choose protection?
  3. Thanks Viker.. 1 vote for full kit.. and yeah.. was always taking my own helmet.. been to too many public go kart joints to not do that :)
  4. all you need at your test is a helmet, a jacket which covers your arms, gloves, a pair of pants which covers your legs, and safety/work boots. obviously if you are gonna ride home after the test somehow then come with all the gear you would wear when out on the road
  5. oh yeah.. fair point Kernel.. ill be taking the mobile kitchen (cage) (inside joke sorry) there and back..
  6. you will be uber cool if you tow your bike with you and ride it away when you get your learners, getting your missus or a mate to drive the car back behind you.
  7. you wont be going fast at all...i took my own helmet and that was it...long sleeve shirt n long pants...maybe take your own gloves ...keep in mind being full atgatt...whilst pushing a bike with someone on it? can take abit out of ya especially if your unlucky enough to do it on a hot day
  8. they'll let you go pretty fast on the e-braking practice if you want lol
  9. .... Mankini!!....:bolt:
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  10. Wear what you are most comfortable in that meets the requirements. If you're already comfortable in your jacket and textile pants (we know you've been posing in front of the mirror lol) then wear them.

    If you find them uncomfy or distracting coz you're not used to them don't wear them. If you reckon doing your gear ATGATT makes you look like a try hard tool, imagine failing your test in it!!

    I'm an ATGATT nerd myself but your Ls test is a formality you have to do that tragically bears little resemblance to the reality of road riding. Get through it then get to a netrider learner session and start to practice those skills in earnest.
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  11. Quoted for truth
  12. Right'o.. Thanks all.. unfortunately it wont be a hot day at all.. i think were pushing the dangerous high of 13deg tomorrow..
    im actually beginning to think that all the gear will be in the car at the very least because i rekon theres a 99% chance of melbourne weather tomorrow.. E.G. Bad. then better.. then worse.. then miserable.. then back to worse then just bad.. :) and you can expect the rain showers on when we are on the bikes.. and the sunshine (if any) while we are in the classroom..
  13. <safety nerd>if you're doing your learning in the rain, make sure you have knee pads on. It's easy to lose your footing especially doing emergency stops and slow rides in the wet, and your knee hitting the bitumen with the weight of a bike on top of it is ouchy.

    if your pants don't have knee armour then a $20 pair of dirt biking knee pads will serve you well.
    </safety nerd>
  14. Personally I'd wear the gear if I had it available to me. That being said, when I did my Learners, we just wore long sleeve shirts and jeans, my best mate put the bike down in a practice emergency stop and did no damage to himself aside from sore muscles from trying to hold the bike up. The learner bikes had cages fitted so the bike couldn't land on you even if you tried, and you spend the majority of time at 20km/h or less anyway, so you'll be fine with whatever you wear.
  15. You cannot ride after passing your Learners.
    Most people dont bring much and use there
    Helmets- for basic test.
    They provide liners and are open
    Face .
    I wouldnt wear boots if you have no
    Clothing will need to be suitable for
    Comfort not protection
    So dont overdo it .
  16. Ps
    I posted description of exact test under vlads
    Post in learners forum
  17. O i explain you cant ride
    Once you pass you cant ride until you get to rego office and pay.for your permit.
    They wont even be open...
  18. When I did my Learner I just rock up to the place and wear their gears. Most people does the same thing except for a few. Don't worry too much, you will only be going 20km/h max.
  19. If the weather is suitable and you have the gear anyway then I'd wear it all.
    May as well get used to handling a bike in the same stuff you're planning on wearing when you ride for real.
  20. If you've got gear, why not take it. As you're going for your L's you're going to need to get it anyway.
    I did a refresher course last year prior to getting back on the bike after a few years gap and didn't have any gear, as it turned out it poured with rain all that day by they had the full kit of gear at the course including the wet weather gear. You'll probably find the same where you're going. Just make sure you've got decent footwear and a change of clothes for the trip home- you'll not want to saty in that wet clothing any longer than you have to.
    Good luck