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best fuel for ol'scool stroker

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by YUTRYN, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. yes i have searched but could not find any info

    what are peoples opinions on the best fuel for a 85 rg250

  2. Normal unleaded mate no premieum stuff allowed
  3. Anything except Optimax. The oil you use is a LOT more critical to performance and engine life than which fuel you use.
  4. im planing on using TTS any thoughts on this
    and why not premium fuel wouldnt the higher octane be better for he bike?
  5. Yeah. My personal opinion is that castrol sucks balls. A lot of riders recommend Motul. Silkolene is fantastic but hard to find. And use the best oil you can afford.

    All you need is a minimum octane level, anything beyond that gets wasted, and 2strokes don't require nearly as high an octane level as 4stroke bikes. High octane won't help your bike.

    On the other hand, a good 95 or 98 petrol usually has a better package of additives like fuel system cleaners, anti-evaporation, anti-rust, etc so if you like you can use a good 95 or 98 without penalty. DON'T use any ethanol, it destroys your plastic and rubber seals.

    The reason I say "beware of optimax" is that it is a more dense formula (more petrol molecules per ml) than standard petrol, and your carburettors can't cope with it and your bike will run rich and foul the spark plugs. Also it has too many chemical additives and most bikes will not burn them, and they build up on the spark plugs and foul them.
    Often it evaporates all the good easy-burn hydrocarbons too quick also, making the bike hard to start.
  6. thanks you for the info
  7. Don't use premium fuel, just use standard unleaded. You will notice it will run a lot better on the standard stuff. If you want to get it rejetted then you can optimise it for premium fuel then. As for oil, I have always used motul 600 which was the best stuff a while ago but there is other good oils out there now. Just make sure you don't skimp on the oil because the cheap stuff will foul your plugs real quick.

    ps: be organised and always have a spare bottle of oil so you don't get caught out having to use the crap they sell at servos.