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best free p0rn ever !!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. :deal:-OWNED!! oooh yeah, knew you'd click on that one you dirty old perv. why don't you get a real woman you sicko.

    Ok !!,.. so it's probably dawned on you by now theres no free nudies here, (so put it away, back in your pants goes mr. happy, you can play with him later.) :?

    ...no seriously, put it away :cry:

    come onnnn, please[-o<, can't you just keep your hands above the desk for like 2 minutes whilst i'm talking to you :roll:

    in fact this thread is just...., yet another boring basic question in the endless sea of mundane boring lameass basic questions that is our beloved NetRider.:|

    Now !!, in order to answer my querie with some degree of appropriate knowledge/aptitude, you are going to need to fit my target demograpic, being:arrow: motorcycle riders residing in the eastern burbs Melbourne, who use mechanics to service their bikes.
    the rest of you can close this window now and get back to the midgets/farm animals/jappos in your browser.

    :?:Question is >Which mechanic do you use and do they provide you with a courtesy bike ?

    I am somewhat peeved that my regular guy does not have a courtesy bike available for me. makes life difficult for me as i don't own any other means of transport. especially if the bike is in the shop for a week or so. have to rely on unreliable mates to cart me around, or use public transport and tolerate people constantly trying to stab me.
  2. Try A1 in Lilydale,
  3. Gawd I thought you looking for the 'best free p0rn ever', i was gunna help a brother out.

    I guess you're looking for a free ride so i was close.
  4. Hey, I'll take that help Chef.
  5. No probs. This is cutting edge stuff so you're going to need a computer with some grunt, you'll see what i mean ;)

    [/thread derail]
  6. [Back on Topic]

    My mate has used a place in Dandy that gives out a Virago as a loaner bike. If you get stuck for options I can find out from him where that is.

    [/back on topic]
  7. Wait a bloody minute!!!!

    I was on topic, it's MONKEYMAN that's off topic!!!