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Best Foot Forward

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. We all know the phrase "Put your best foot forward". Well there's a huge community of "feet-forward" motorcycles and motorcyclists, and some of the devices are indeed strange. Take a look!!!!

  2. Truly weird
  3. Quote:
    The simplest way to describe a Feet First or "FF" machine is as a "Two Wheeled Car"

    Why would you want to take an open to the elements machine and enclose it?
  4. Now im probably going to be kicking myself but i remember watching something where they had the developments of the 2 wheel enclosed cars. Maybe it was Top Gear (or maybe Fifth Gear)... and they had one that would deploy a wheel each side of it to stabilise itself at low speeds, ala landing gear style.

    Unfortunately they had branched off and decided that 3 wheeled machines were the way to go, although they did look (and drive/ride) very good/well! The latest development i remember was that they had one that would bank the 'cockpit' into the corners supposedly just like a motorbike.

    Estimated price on them was something like $45,000 at the moment.
  5. I like the one in the front, looks like and old plastic canteen chair lashed to the bike that makes up the seat...:LOL:...
  6. Strangely, several of these are attributed to Australians...that's a worry in itself.

    But most of them are Pommie creations, no doubt the British are great innovators, always have been.
  7. i think this is what you mean http://www.carver-europe.com/

    very strange vehicle, and only a 650 engine