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Best flip helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by searchingmofo, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys

    Just looking for options on Flip helmets (Nolan 102 / Shoei Multitec etc), and things to look out for. Im keen on getting one as they just seem more practical for stop start chatting / touring and general commuting. I was hoping you guys could shed some light on what to look for and what brands are the top.

    Any help appreciated


  2. I had the Nolan 102 till I had a little off. It was good helmet and it saved my scone. Head hit the deck pretty hard, hard enough to bounce and I didn't feel a thing.

    I ended up getting an RJs Flip Lid because it fit best. The Nolan was just a bit big, I made the mistake when I bought it. I wasn't feeling rich at the time so I didn't even try the Shoei.

    The RJs works fine but haven't tested it in anger yet. Not that I'm planning too.
  3. Got an N102 when they first came out - four years ago.

    Love the practicality of it, can ride at freeway speeds with the visor up. Easy to get on with sunnies and earmolds

    The bad; pretty noisy, shell's a bit loose now and the shaded visor scratched the crap out of the "main" visor - so have ditched the shaded one, and bought new visor.

    But despite all that, would buy another no hesitation
  4. I like my 102. I'd have a Shoei, but I can't afford one.
  5. No issues with my N102, also tried Multitec but it doesn't fit as comfortably for me. My previous helmet was a N100, so I guess I got used to the profile.

    Flip helmet is convenient, especially for people wearing glasses, also good for walking into a servo. But you may not like the extra weight. I had an Arai SZ (open face) before the N100 and it took me quite awhile to get used to the extra weight.
  6. Tried on a Shark flipper today, and the general fit and quality felt OK. Massive gap in front of my mouth where there's no padding would be deafening at speed I'd imagine. It had a dinky little tinted inner visor that slides up and down, but doesn't cover enough of the field of vision to be really useful IMO.

    Each to their own, but I'm sticking with a full face.
  7. I've got the RJays TourTech flip front - love it. It's a bit noisy but ear plugs fix that. Visors are cheap. Well vented. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.
  8. I've had 3 n102s and now I've got an n103 as well. The 103 is quieter, better padded and the internal sunscreen thing is ace, but the n102 has better peripheral vision. I use the 102 around town and the 103 when I'm going for a thrash.
  9. I thought AS or ADR or whatever does not allow internal visor, yet?
  10. Presumably you didn't source it locally?
  11. Yep got it on eBay.
  12. didnt think you could get em in Aus..
  13. you can't they aren't legal here in Aus. They have to be sourced, the NZ distributor doesn't bring them into Aus like they do the 102.
  14. Yes they are highly naughty. But better than the 102 in some regards.
  15. i actually tried it on the other day, found it a bit ... unpadded? inside... and when i put the face down stuff was always hitting me... dunno if i could put up with that
  16. I have never tried the N103 as it isn't available locally, but I suspect the internal sun visor would interfere with my glasses.
  17. The internal sun visor on the RJays Rour Tech doesn't interfer with my glasses. It was very handy when I was riding into the sun yesterday afternoon.
  18. I've got an N102 - like all flip front it's a little noisy but it's a really good fit.
  19. Does anyone have the bmw system 5?
    Do they even sell them anymore?
  20. BMW were selling the System 5 but told me they wouldn't bring the System 6 in. I liked my System 5, and tried a System 6 on in the UK, loved it so picked one up and brought it home. Much snugger fitting, feels warmer, and seems quieter, and I love the tinted bit that slides down.