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Best (fastest / best $$$) way to sell your bike ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kazjim, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. :( Due to a number of changing circumstances, I need to sell the VZ800 ....

    She's got about 42,000klm on it, and its in fantastic condition (new tyres, chain, battery etc...)

    So, Private sale ?
    Ebay ?
    Bikepoint ?
    Local Paper ?

    Need to move the bike / collect money soon-ish .....

    Any help appreciated....

    PS - not giving up riding, just taking a little break!
  2. Personal thoughts:

    fastest way is to sell to a dealer, but you won't get the money you want for it.

    E-bay can be successful, but I would suggest having a look at how similar bikes are selling on e-bay - if they are not selling well avoid it.

    I doubt local paper (I never look for bikes in that).

    Bikepoint / bikesales are the places I first look for private sales. However, unless you put a good price on it to start with it could take some time to sell...
  3. try them all - they don't cost much.

    All the ones you have mentioned are private sale.

    If you try to sell it to a dealer, you'll probably get lowest redbook or lower still for it - private sale usually ends up with more $$ in your pocket, but costs you time and effort for the privilege.
  4. All of the above, plus bikesales, netrider, etc.

    I find the best way to sell bikes is to submit a colour ad to Motorcycle Trader (not Just Bikes, substantially less circulation). All of the bikes I've put on there have sold (some admittedly months later).

    However, a lot of peeps won't be familiar with your type of bike, they are fairly uncommon and it may prove difficult to sell because of this.

    If you are willing to accept a bit below it's worth, then eBay may be your best bet, but it won't hurt to put it up on all the free forums you can find either.

    Just a thought, putting a reserve on eBay items can scare many potential purchasers off, you'd be best to list it starting 99c, and simply take the ad off if you done like what it's going for in the end (or get someone you know to 'win' it).
  5. i'd forget ebay it's a buyers market for vehicles (for almost everything really.)
  6. i sold my bike in 3 days on bikesales...just price it reasonable and u should attract interest...so many people on bikesales ask stupid prices for their bikes.
  7. have sold a couple of bikes and Bikepoint and Bikesales are both excellent, although the Trading Post is also good for those that don't have internet!
  8. i sold my van on carsales com au

    took 10 minutes and it was sold. (cost all of 10 bucks)

    present your bike with pictures from different sides, inculduing dash showing km.

    if you can even take a video of the bike.. :)

    if you place an add on netrider classifieds make sure you read the conditions before hand.
  9. I find bikesales and bikepoint are both good but you need to be prepared to price your bike no more expensivly than other similar bikes or it will sit there for months.

    If it has more kms than other similar bikes advertised you'll most likely find you'll need to drop a little more off it.

    If it's got extras with it mention that and full service history is very useful. Do not expect to get back the value of accessories when you sell, at best it'll make it easier to sell.

    The key is to attract the people who'll search for a particular price range or type of bike and make yours look slightly more attractive. If you price it too high then you'll see your bike sitting there while others sell.

    This all assumes you are in a major city, if you are out in the country then all bets are off it can take _ages_ which is why I tend to trade now I'm living in the bush.
  10. I'II but that for a dolla :grin:
    Instant sale :dance:
  11. Bikesales.com and trading post I do not bother advertising any where else... Include a picture on both (the trading post... internet only I'm a cheep scate)

    Sold every bike within a week... And remember lowest price some times can reduce interest so a good average price for the year/model is my advice...