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best EPIRB for a rider?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mjc, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. have done a bit of a search this doesnt seem to have been thrashed out so here goes.

    i live in the bush, kangaroos jumping out on the road are a real and ever present danger to ones health. having recently read another article of a rider who activated his EPIRB and was located by rescue personell, it has kinda prompted me to really do something and investigate this issue.

    clearly its easy enough to just go pick one up off the shelf but what im curious about is if anyone knows of an EPIRB which is geared towards the rider. ( i cant seem to find one )

    im concerned that if i have a crash and i am unconcious/incapacitated, i will be unable to trigger the EPIRB manually.
  2. Hi mjc,
    I like the idea,
    had not thought of using a locator beacon for a motorcyclist recuse device.
    The term EPIRB is usually used for the marine device, not a land based rescue beacon. The ones for land based are called PLB, see below quote.

    Not sure about how a device could be triggered in case of a major emergency that involved your being unable to trigger the beacon.

    I took this quote from an article about rescue beacons for bush walking, but could be used for the case of a motorcycle rider rescue as well.
    Has information about the different types and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of PLB's.

    "There is some confusion over the use of the term EPIRB for a device intended to be used by bushwalkers. Strictly, they should be called PLB's (Personal Locator Beacons, a COSPAS/SARSAT definition) and the term EPIRB should be restricted to those units which are intended to be used by mariners [Note 5]. However, some manufacturers of these devices, the press, and politicians seem to be determined to use the term EPIRB. Nonetheless we will use term PLB here [Note 1]."

    The rest of the article can be found here

  3. There are Locators (i thought were called EPIR8) that you can buy off the shelf. The question i would put forward - are you more likely to be seen by a motorist that waiting for a search party to arrive. There a few hundred dollars. In my opinion if you lived in "real rural" areas it could be worth buying.

    The other thing is - you have to pull out the ebirb - raise the antenna (and point/keep it upright) - (turn off safety??) - press the button. I reckon if you could do all of that you could call 000. Some of the EPIRB's even come with a strobe (i think would be more useful)

    You can buy them from most camping stores - paddy pallin etc.

    Also regarding kangaroos - can't you buy a kangaroo scarer from Australian geographic??? Realesess a high pitch frequency that scares them away. I spose its a bit cruel

    PS - no i dont have one - (dont do enough hiking for one)
  4. The EPIRB/locators you can afford (the ones without active GPS) aren't particularly useful anyway. They pinpoint your location within about a 20km radius, from what I understand - not especially useful, I wouldn't have thought. They also had a ridiculously long response time too. :(

    In the end, I decided you were better just telling someone where you were going and what time you would contact them to let them know you made - if you didn't contact them, they could notify the authorities. Same sort of response time and accuracy, without the waste of money.
  5. I have one without active GPS which I use in the ultralight, to be honest it's fairly useless for the sorts of accidents you're likely to be involved in with a motorbike.
  6. Yeah - its prob. easier and cheaper to sms home and tell them your ETA. You can pre-program templates into your phone and just add the time at the end. (My friend did this when he first got his P's)
  7. Problem is, a lot of places don't have mobile coverage. A lot of the south coast outside towns is stil this way, as is a lot of the area around Woolombi....
    What about small hand held smoke flares? Would attract motorists for sure, if anyone bothered to stop.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. 112 increases mobile phone signal output - so you may get a signal (i read it on netrider somewhere - dont hold me to it)

    Just call your loved one from work before you leave.

    Flares cant be lit around [leaking] fuel, and probably have to be held upright. If you pass out with one open - you could prob. start a fire. i have no experience with flares - someone please correct me if im wrong

    I wouldnt mind getting a flare:p
  9. the other issue to consider (the primary reason for having the beacon in the first place) is that i dont have CDMA or GSM coverage, so short of a sat phone, calling 000 is out of the question. its more so for the situation of, how long am i going to sit laying on the side of the road in the bush before someone sees/hears me..

    case in point. brother in law had a freak crash and lay on the side of the road in the long grass drifting in an out of conciousness and moaning for help for about half an hour until noticed and someone called the ambulance. meanwhile other friends are looking everywhere and cant find squat, in fact, they literally drove straight past him but because of the angle they didnt see in the long grass. no mobile coverage at all. the whole time he was like 3 metres from the road.. every time i think of him trying to drag himself out of the grass and back to the road with two compound fractures it just sends shivers up my spine..

    hmm certainly something to consider. i have seen the "shoo roos" i think they are called but ive never actually used one.. ill have to give one of these a go down the front paddock and see how the kangaroos actually react.. they arent the brightest animals, my big fear with anything that scares them as such is that they have a habit of skitzing out and jumping in front of you rather than jumping away from you.. i have to take it real easy coming up the track to the house because there are always roos and if you get a group split and they go different directions one group will do crazy shit like jump straight in front of me to get across the track to rejoin the main group. also at night they like to jump towards the area that the headlights illuminate, i think the headlights fcuk up their night vision and they then they tend to head towards the ground which is illuminated by the headlights, which unfortunately is directly in front of the bike, rather than jumping away into the inky blackness of the bush..

    thanks for the idea! :)
  10. found the article i was referring to in my first post

    was in the mackay daily

    Crew rescues rider after collision with kangaroo

    A WALKERSTON man who suffered a broken leg when his motorbike hit a kangaroo in remote bushland near Mt Britton yesterday could have lain injured for days waiting for help.

    Fortunately, the 41-year-old, who was riding on a dirt road west of Eton, had the foresight to take a personal EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon).

    The emergency signal was picked up by an overhead plane travelling from Brisbane to Cairns.

    When the plane marked its position from the air, Australian Search and Rescue’s Canberra office was alerted and the Mackay RACQ-CQ Rescue helicopter was contacted to assist.

  11. Buy a sat phone for a grand instead.

    I've got to dig up the article, but the current batch of EPIRB's are about to be replaced with a new standard as well :)
  12. I mean its almost pot luck - if someone will see you or not. Theres always +/- of each thing - flares, epirb, sat, phone. When i get my bike ill bring a (normail mobile) phone and might get a flare - im mostly city.
    your not the only one - that is horrible :shock: . Do you know what happened? is he ok? was he wearing a helmet and gear? Does he know how fast he was travelling?
    Im sorry to hear about the accident - i hope he pulls through

    For safety, anything is worth a try. I spose the thing is not to overuse the device - otherwise the kangarros might adjust to the sound lol

    Hope all goes well

    PS - i was thinking a mini strobe would be useful (only at night) - some of the EPIRB's have them built in too