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Best engine noise?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. #1 Ljiljan, Sep 6, 2011
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    Runner's up goes to the Lancia delta S4, [media=youtube]qefKc-SPR-I[/media]

    But for real, ground shaking, pure noise you just can't beat 27 litres of supercharged V12 mustang

  2. moving upwards from 8000rpm to 13000rpm on the Gixxer, the roar of the induction gives me a stiffy everytime.

    Sounds better than any car engine I've ever listened to.
  3. cbx1000 takes the cake for me.

  4. rsv4 with an akro pipe
  5. / desmo - that sounds awesome too
  6. BRM V16. There's a recording knocking about of one lapping Donnington and even with a couple of cylinders taking a holiday the unearthly wail still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I've got it on vinyl (sad eh?) but I'm pretty sure it's around on the web.

    A quick Google shows several YouTube clips, which I can't access from work.
  7. I was going to say any WW2 era fighter would do me but Lilley got it done in the first post.
  8. +1 to the V12 Mustang...hmmm
  9. As far as bikes go, the XT600 with a good exhaust system takes the cake.

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  11. Im a bit of a sucker for ridiculous boost. The mix of cylinder and turbine sounds rule.

  12. There was a story around at the time the CBX came out that the people who developed the exhaust system for it were located right next to a USAF Base in Hawaii, and that they built a system that sounded just like a Phantom jet-fighter. Needless to say the Japanese marketing people weren't that keen.

    I still remember the first time I heard a Kawasaki Z900, in modified trim, howling through Macphillamy Park at Bathurst with Garry Thomas on board :shock:
  13. Anything with a whining supercharger really presses my button, and if it's attached to a big-block V8 so much the better.
    But in all honestly and without trying to be a smartarse about it, whichever engine is between my knees at the time will usually be my "favourite".
  14. i like how a street triple sounds with leo vinces...
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    TT600 with an aftermarket exhaust - you lot are easily impressed! (Not saying they aren't great bikes...)

    I like the big, fat aircooled Sakae engine in the Zero. When it gets going it sounds beautiful.

  16. XT not TT
    dunno if there's much of a difference though
  17. I LOVE how there's a diesel loco behind the steam loco, (just in case :LOL:)
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    There you go. Brrrrrrrr!!!!! :grin:
  19. I think I've found the funniest: