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Best enduro bike for me?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Elias Perris, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, i'm 13 years old and after a 250 enduro bike, any recommendations? No 2 strokes please, and preferably no Kawasaki. Also would like this bike to be easy to find second hand for $2000-3500.

  2. If you have to ask on a forum my guess is that you are a beginner. So you should just get a 125. Learn faster.
  3. Wr250
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  4. Ttr 250 or klx250, both are sort of small. But you cant ride it on road anyway so get a 125
  5. 125 4 stroke or 2 stroke??
  6. 2t if you don't mind learning mechanics. 4t if not.
  7. Guys sorry if i spamming you/sound like i'm not taking advice, but i have just been offered a 2003 KTM SX125, thats had a fresh rebuild for $1800 o.n.o will this be good for trails/pull on as hard as the crf??? Heres some pictures:
    http://imgur.com/kNNVVF1,vwu9mJm sorry it's on imgur.
  8. i know ktms look cool and have a cool name, but research the reliability before you buy it. ktm carries a stigma for a reason
  9. Haha yea heard their electric start enduro bikes aren't the best, and have a problem starting sometimes. I will be using this bike (if i get it) for going on trails, going around the farm on long open straights doing 60-80kmh and going on my mates home made MX track. Reckon i should get this or a KX85 or a good old 4 stroke enduro bike??
  10. $1 800 doesnt seem much
  11. Yea, i've decided to just fix my 2002 XR200r Honda, as it will last a longtime and they are externally reliable.
  12. Any other recommendations though?? The 200 need's alot of work to get going. 2 strokes and 4 stroke recommendations please :) Will a KDX200 dump me on my ass?
  13. Get a mini mx bike kid. It will be easier for you to thrash and throw around.
  14. What do you think of an 85 2 stroke big wheel or a CRF150rb? I am 166cm tall and weigh 54kg.
  15. the 85 2 stroke would be perfect you.
  16. Ah ok cool. My mates say that it'll be too small for me, but i heard the KTM 85's are great to bore out to 105's.
  17. I used to race enduro's on a 250 2 stroke and guy on a 125 2 stroke would be beat me outright because it was a lighter bike which he could ride harder and faster for longer.
    And when I was a kid racing mini mx, you couldn't move up to the 125's until you turned 16.
    More power is not always better. Being able to manage the bike is better.
    but hey, its your money, buy what you like, I'm just giving you MY opinion.
  18. Ah ok cool!! I might just look into an 85 large wheel, thanks for you input :D