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Best Ebay motorcycle accessories sellers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Dylan05, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what sellers people use on Ebay and if they have a good range of products and customer service (as far as internet shopping goes).

  2. What sort of stuff are you after?

    I haven't found one seller that is good for everything. Instead I prefer to use a range of specialist sellers for specific things (ie I know one that only sells spark plugs, one that only sells filters, etc, etc.). Never had a problem with any US or UK based seller as far as customer service goes.

    Only issues I've had have been with Chinese sellers, but even those were satisfactorily resolved by opening a dispute against them (eBay is very heavily weighted towards buyers).
  3. chains sprockets mainly
  4. 'maxslumensmincost' are on ebay.Situated in Canberra. Bought LED driving lights from them. Good service : good price.
  5. chain and sprockets specifically i bought from imotosanremo, DID chain and JT sprockets, they're in melb (san remo duh!) and post only took 2 days to brisbane.
    but having said that, the bike they were for is a JDM model, i could only have bought from AU.
    for my ZX i buy from lytleracinggroup in tempe AZ. have bought multiple times and they're awesome. they have a real shop and a website too, www.lytleracinggroup.com