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Best eating spots for bikers.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. So its 6am and after a bloody awful night of very little sleep with way too much on my mind i decided to go out for a bit of a blat for a decent breakfast at one of my favourite 24 hour eateries Pancake Parlour on Doncaster Rd.

    Havent seen a thread about like this so hows about we put in some suggestions. So guys and girls, whats your favouritr restaurant/cafe/greasy spoon/kebab van for your trvels and why? (Might be an idea to add what state its in too!!)
    Ill start -

    VIC Pancake parlour doncaster... 24 hours and a little on the pricey side but do a bang tidy breakfast and the hash browns are second to none!
    VIC Beechworth Bakery, Healesville.... Discovered their sausage rolls after antoman pulled us up there on a ride last week.
    VIC Rawson Stockyard Bar & Grill.... CBD Quality meals in the middle of nowhere!

    *Edit* As they come up ill place all the favourites in the OP for easy viewing, who suggested them, and why (If info supplied)

    Melbourne CBD Stalactites Nobby Souvlaki(2 Votes - Im always on the lookout for decent souvlaki, will have to check it out)

    Alexandra Alexandra Hotel Garido Best Chicken Parma I ever had
    Anakie Anakie General Store GreyBM Home made sausage rolls (mmmmmmm)
    Anglers Rest Blue Duck gofish Excellent ride in (2 votes)
    Blackwood Blackwood Hotel twistngo
    Collingwood Hasir Kebab Phongus Kebabs
    Daylesford Farmers Arms Hotel Goddie Great Restaurant, Decent bar meals
    Doncaster Pizza Espresso Lazy Libran Pizzas funnily enough!
    Pancake Parlour Funkmonkey 24 hours, great breakfasts and hot chocolate
    Footscray EBI Fine Foods Enigma Seafood (WHUT? Thats not biker food.... friendly owner)
    Healesville Eludae Mike_Dnhm Egg and bacon rolls!
    Beechworth Bakery Funkmonkey Sausage Rolls
    Korrumburra Kellys Bakery Lazy Libran
    Meredith Meredith Hotel twistngo 51 Stoughton St, not the other one.
    Marysville Marysville Bakery Cougs Snot blocks
    Mitcham Ali Kebabs cazzo Kebabs (NOT souvlaki!)
    Mornington DOC cazzo Traditional Pizza
    Noojee Toolshed Bar gofish (2 votes)
    Ovens Happy Valley Hotel cjvfr Good bar meals, reasonable prices
    Rosebud Rosebud Pizza & Pasta Garido plenty of topping, bit more expensive
    Whitfield Mountain View Hotel Miraz VIC Mountain View Hotel, Whitfield
    Woodend Woodend Bakery Goddie Pies/Snot Blocks (2 Votes)

    New South Wales
    Talbingo Talbingo General Store b12mick Hamburgers
    Tumbarumba 4 Bears Cafe joedelosa Burgers. (Beware, prescence of large numbers of stuffed teddies may make you question your masculinity and/or give you nightmares)
    The Oaks The Oaks Hotel kingy
    Parramatta Hooters Vertical C Bewbs! (I presume)
    Robbertson Robbo Pie Shop kingy Pies (Im guessing!)
    Rouse Hill The Mean Fiddler Tone2 Coffee and pub meals
    Putty Road Grey Gum Cafe hornet
    Guys get in on this one if you can, go in and sign their petition to stay open (shouldhavve included this as one of the first) If you havent heard, they are being threatened with being shut down if they dont pay to have a turn in lane built after they were told by local councils they dont need one. It is a popular spot for all sorts of travellers and one of the best roadside cafes known to riders.
  2. Mountain View Hotel - Whitfield

    Excellent food. :)
  3. Ooh ooh, forgot one...
    The Stockyard, Rawson! Melbourne CBD restaurant Quality meals in the middle of nowhere!!!
  4. Snot block from Marysville bakery is a must

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  5. Woodend Bakery - snot block -pies
    Dalyesford - Farmers Arms Hotel -pricey but excellen food in restaurant and bar meals are said to be good too.
  6. I reckon the egg and bacon roll from Eludae in Healesville is awesome
  7. If your in Melbourne and looking a grat souvlaki go to STALACTITES on the corner of Lonsdale and Russell St's, these are so bloody good I ride in from Beigewick just to grab one.

    Not the cheapest.. but reckon they are the best

    p.s. I'm with Goddie on the Woodend snotblocks ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. I agree wholeheartedly. One of the BEST Souvlaki in town (Except late on Weekends where the quality drops off a little bit due to the rush).

    I've eaten there about a million times. After Souvlaki we would go next door to the cake shop and have bakalvas & espressos there. Yum!

    I would also add Pizza Espresso as a good place for Pizza.

    17 Macedon Rd
    Doncaster, VIC 3107

    Also been to Kelly's Bakery with the NetRider group rides and a few will vouch for that. Good coffee and excellent sausage rolls & pies.

    16-22 Commercial St, Korumburra, VIC, 3950
  9. VIC Hasir Kebab - somewhere on Smith St in Fitzroy/Collingwood, across from Nandos. I usually go here after a night out drinking. Sometimes I ride there just for the kebab...food is great in my opinion, but I might be biased since my mate owns it.

    Can't agree more with the sausage roll at Beechworth Bakery in Healesville. They were fantastic last weekend.
  10. Hooters, Parramatta.
  11. On a ride on Sunday inthe Brisbane Ranges (that's Vic not Qld) and stopped at Anakie general store. The home made sausage roll was great.
  12. Toolshed bar, Noojee.
  13. toolshed, noojee. only been once, but great food, missed a few rides out to here though (great roads to get there, too)

    obviously, beechworth bakery, healsville. famous, food is generally pretty good.

    a recentish find of me and my gf's, Ebi fine foods, footscray. havent ridden there, but its fusion japanese fish and chips and john, the owner, is a very friendly guy! recomended if you live nearby.
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  15. Blue Duck, Anglers Rest....& what a great road in.
  16. +1 to the road in. Haven't eaten there though. :)
  17. Robbo pie shop - Robbertson NSW
  18. Talbingo General Store, great hamburgers.

    Actually, it's funny, I was talking to a mate who isn't a bike rider. He was heading down to Port Campbell for a holiday and asked me if I could recommend any good eateries. My suggestion was to find the Cafe with the most bikes parked out the front. If motorcyclists are eating there, it's a better than even chance that it's good grub.
  19. I reckon this is a brilliant idea, would be even better if it was made a sticky and for each state!

    Best traditional pizza hands down is DOC in Mornington. Mate and I just did a 200k round loop on Sunday with a stop into DOCS.

    I've done Toolshed once and the Billy burger rocks!

    Ali Kebabs in Mitcham, yes I know it's a van in an old disused servo but I challange you to find a better kebab (don't mistake for souvlaki) in Melbourne.

    IMHO, Stallictites has been horrible both times I decided to give it a shot.
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  20. Yeah been splitting them by state in the OP. If it gets big enough will start state threads or something.

    Lol a neighbour of mine used to own a fish and chip shop in Altona, he had a sign on the counter asking "Anyone who can tell me the difference between a kebab and a souvlaki gets one for free"
    Suffice to say he never once had to give out a free kebab