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Best ear buds (not plugs)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by HeavyNinja, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. I tried riding with my iphone ear buds the other day and it made no difference to wind noise, not a single bit, all they did was add music to the mix. Is there an ear bud out there that acts as a plug/ear phone? I want to be able to listen to tunes without the wind noise. I got some ear plugs the other day and they are not much better, but the wind noise was less. However I want music as well.

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  2. My experience with noise cancelling in-ear phones is not good. They need a fairly constant drone such as aircraft noise to work well. Otherwise they sound odd.

    I have some nice little Sennheisers that work well. They are quite compact and don't really stick out of your ears very far so they don't catch on your helmet They seal quite well in your ear canal which reduces the wind noise quite considerably.
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  3. You can make your own DIY set

    Fuze Custom Fit Molded Earphones Headphones | Affordable Custom Molded earphones for sports, motorsports, motorcycle helmet speakers, driver earpieces

    Only downside is the sound is very treblish due to the small size of the driver coil in the earbuds, but they stay in and the cord does not wear out easily

    you can also get a custom made set made for you :

    Xtra Health Mobile personalised mobile health screening service

    contact them to find out when they are where (mobile clinic so they travel between worksites and on weekends different events etc). Little bit exy but fantastic fit - I have two pairs (plain without ear buds)
  4. Sennheiser MM30i

    Passive rather than active noise cancelling.

    While I have Bose QC's (active noise cancelling) for international trips, on domestic flights and on the bike I use the Senn's.

    Not expensive either
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  5. Get a set of Earmold or Noise Guard moulded earplugs with audio fittings. They are silicone custom moulded to suit your ears, which blocks out the wind noise, and there's a variety of options for connecting to your iPod or phone, including Bluetooth. Disclaimer: Both are advertisers in Cycle Torque magazine. Digital Editor Ryan Grubb is testing a set of Earmold unit now and we will have a review in the coming months, keep an eye on www.cycletorque.com.au for more info.
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  6. Get earplugs and a Sena headset. Earplugs keep the wind noise low but since the headset speakers are so close to your ears you still hear the music.
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  7. I agree with InfiniteInfinite - best possible combination
  8. I have the noiseguard plugs (without audio) and honestly considering how expensive they were I wish I had just stuck with foam plugs both for fit and wind noise reduction. I will say that their customer service is top notch and they strive to ensure you get the best fit possible but some ear canal/helmet combinations just don't work.
  9. I use shure se215 headphones with their yellow universal foam plug. Works great and is very comfortable under an Arai lid.

    I plug to a small Bluetooth receiver and clip that to the loop of my chin strap. The receiver has controls and a mic so i can take rough phone calls if need be. It also as APT-X so the sounds is passable for someone who cares about it.

    The headphones sound very good and the islotaion with the foam tip is great.
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    Bringing up an old thread as something came up that got me interested recently.

    Get KANOA Earphones

    At the moment they are $159.99 USD, but by all reports they sound good, look like they fit in the ear really well, are completely wire free, and charge up with the case you store them in......sweet.

    If I wasn't 100% happy with my current setup with the Shure SE215s I'd give these a go for Shure.....aw that was terrible. The only thing I guess I don't know is how well they isolate. Something the Shure monitors do fantastic.

    I was going to go down the path of these dual drivers, and I think I still will when my Shure's wear out or someone hands me $500 I can waste willy nilly.

    I've got no doubt at all that these noiseguard headphones would be the ultimate..........though they're not cheap.

    NoiseGuard Moto Dual – Noiseguard Moto
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  11. Just saw these on the earmold site. Looks interesting.

    Bluetooth Custom Sports Monitors from $349


    I'd like to know exactly how long the cable is etc. I'd also prefer APTX codec, but whatever......These start from $349. The Noiseguard dual motos are $499......that's a decent bit of change. Though the downside is I guess you can't plug them into something if you want to have tat flexibility.

    I'm getting sick of my Shure's not sealing properly so am about to drop some cash on custom ear buds and started doing the research again.
  12. I went to the local hearing aid place and had a set of custom moulded in ear speakers made. My reasoning is that they are specialists in this kind of work and wasn't overly expensive $195 if I remember correctly. I find these are great, they are so comfortable, that I forget I am wearing them which is a bit embarrassing as I end up un-necessarily yelling at people. These have a standard jack which plugs into my iPod, or also the plug system I made to link to UHF CB. If no device is activated they simply reduce the wind noise.
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  13. Yesterday I bought a bunch of standard safety ear plugs and made some DIT foam tips for my Shure se215s. They worked a treat and heaps less expensive.

    I'll eventually go the custom in ears when these headphones break I guess.

    Good call on the local hearing aid place though.
  14. I have a pair of those industrial protection earphones that I can plug into my Galaxy S7. They are OK. Better than just earplugs. I think I paid $32 for them. They get incredibly dirty though, and because the tips are orange they look disgusting. They don't clean easily either.

    I bought a pair of Shure SE215 and these are OK if you can get used to the funky upside down fitting method.

    I think I need to crack and have earmolds done. Just every time I call my local earmolds person they either aren't available, or can't do until later in the evening.
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  15. I've had mine for a couple of years and are still okay, though probably not as good as the $200 - $300 sets.

    The trick I found once set was to cut the goob away at the ear canal side so the end of the earphone/bud is exposed. You also need to be fairly accurate with the quantity of mixture, I cut each part into 4 sections, made a test run with the first quarters to get used to the procedure, then used a set of quarter mixture for each ear, with the last quarter left over. Sound quality will depend on how good your original earbuds were and how good the seal you make with the mixture, don't take them out too soon so as to allow the mixture to cure properly. I usually wear a thin balaclava that holds the leads in place so they don't get pulled out as I'm putting on my helmet, surprisingly the balaclava is not a problem even in summer.

    For $30 it wasn't too bad I thought, would have been even better if USA shipping wasn't so expensive that it doubles the price.
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  16. I have two pairs of earmolds (plug not buds) and they are good gear. I know a few people that use their buds and they reckon they are excellent.
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