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best dual purpose bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by roundabout, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. give me your recommendations. What is the best dual purpose bike and why (or why not)? What mods would you recommend? safety and bomb-proofness must be high on the list in bike choice.

    so far I am looking at the suzuki drz, honda xr or yamaha xt

  2. XR650... The motors are completely bullet proof.... Can also motard them and seriously hop them up.... HRC Stage 3 kit takes you to 72Rear Wheel horsies.....
  3. I have both a klx 650 and a xr 400 both great bikes..I use the klx for the street and fire trails and the xr for paddock bashing and tight tracks.The xr's are good for off road heaps of add ons and kits available for them also.The drz good for the trails but a bit light weight for any extended street use.The yam xt 600 good for road not so good for off.Bit to uch weight...If using more for street and you go for jap bikes dr 650/kltr 650 and ttr 600 worth looking at.More off road xr 600/650 drz 400 or xr 400...Whatever bike u get make sure you open up air box and rejet .You really need to let them breath ...cheers
  4. Not that I could afford one, but what about those BMW F650's or whatever they are. I think they are Dakars or something. (I'm not into off roaders)

    Read a lot of good stories about them. Price might be a prob. (To me anyway)


  5. It all comes down to the road/ dirt ratio you're after.
    A DRZ/ XR are on the dirt side and a PITA for roadwork/ commuting/ mid-distance touring.
    For that the XT6 and DR650 would be better.
    Even more road-oriented would be the plush-enduros like the 650 BM/ Aprilia Pegaso etc.
    Each step involves more weight/ more comfort/ less dirt-ability/also more stuff that can go BANG when and where you don't want it.
  6. thanks everyone. the bmw/ktm/aprilia are all way too expensive and have too much to go wrong that i am unlikely to be able to fix so i can rule them out. although by the time i include the costs of all the mods to the cheaper bikes it may end up the same cost.

    i still don't know exactly how much will be on-road and how much off, bit hard to answer now, but the trip is trans-america, mostly in sth america which won't be the best roads, but shouldn't be anything too serious. guess i am really after comfortable, capable and not too heavy.

    i'm still thinking the xt, as you recommended the other weekend pete, but i don't know if this was released in north america. i read something somewhere about only grey imports. also, this may be a bit heavy for my gf
  7. No probs with the XT6 in either Canada or the US. been around for yonks there.
    It's 140something kg dry, which isn't bad at all. Most simple construction, air-cooled, easy access to all service (and non-service) items.
    One of the few fix-it-with-a-hammer-and-screwdiver bikes left out there.
    (or a fist-sized rock and a starpost, in a pinch).
    Lowering is possible (for the g/f?) if needed. Also one can shave up to about 40mm out of the seat.
  8. thanks pete, the xt is still #1 on the list, now just have to find two in good condition
  9. bmw f650 gs (not dakar version) is 175kg dry seat hieght of 750mm(low seat option. most are sold with the bm panniers. have heated grips standard(cold even in summer in those sth american mountains) are fuel injected (a lot fewer issues with fuel quality and altitude) and are very reliable.with where tou are going in mind i wouldn't rule them out.

    just my pov anyway - shane
  10. For what it's worth:
    Call Yamaha Australia, make them check their dealer's stocks (head-office has a list of unsold bikes which are still at the dealers, waiting to get sold and have their warranties activated).
    Get into contact with those dealers who still have one standing around. It's dropped out of the model- line-up mid/late last year and they were selling then for $7200 plus O/R. They were getting dumped in favour of the new XT660 (a re-make of the old XTZ 660 donk, liquid-cooled).

    Make the dealer a straight $7k outright offer, no pre-delivery, no rego, no nothing and pick it up with a trailer or get it carted via Bikes Only/ Fergussons/ MTS or such.
    Do the pre-del yourself, getting into mods/ racks etc etc. rightaway, getting used to spanner-work on those bikes from day1.

    From what you said...you really DON'T want fuel-injection/ water-cooling and all the other fancy crap that can go bust on a trip like yours.
    K.I.S.S. still rules for transcontinental rides without backup and/ or a huge wallet.
  11. Dang, you beat me to it :)
  12. yeh i have always liked these, but too expensive for me, espeically to get 2. maybe if we can find 2 second hand, already set up, will have to see what's around.
  13. didn't even think of doing this, might be a few left start of next year. i know they weren't the most popular in canada. may even be worth shipping from here, will have to look into freight.

    thanks for the ideas everyone
  14. Do you get Suzuki DL650 V-Strom in your market?I had one as a loan bike a few weeks ago and was well impressed with it. It would be pretty good on unsealed road as long as you didn't get to serious about going off the beaten track. Go veiw one on the Suzuki web site.

  15. crap, have been able to confirm the xt is definitely not available in north america, imports ceased around 85 and only limited grey imports after that.