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Best Dri-Rider Gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Peleus, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I suppose in the title I shouldn't have put best, perhaps best value for money.

    I've got some tiger angel leathers, but I'm just not keeping very warm riding around at the moment. As such I'm after a pair of dri-rider (ok, or other brands I just hear they are good,) pants and jacket.

    Can someone tell me whats the best value for money ones? I'm looking to spend around $600 - $700 for both, more / less depending if I can see the value in them.

    Prefer waterproof, but priority is warmth then saftey (if it was saftey > warmth I suppose I would be wearing my leathers).

    Never will be used for twisty riding, just commuting.


  2. Textiles are over rated and I'm becoming convinced that Dri-rider in particular is over-rated.

    I had a Force jacket, which apparently was Dri-riders premium brand. It broke apart in a fairly small accident.

    I have dri-rider water proof boots. They aren't and they only lasted 2 years, which is OK, but is the minimum I would expect for something I'm not walking around in all day.

    I have just bought Dri-rider winter gloves and my fingers almost fell off this morning. That's whilst floating in the sweat.

    So I've gone sour on the brand and I'm not planning on buying textile riing gear anytime soon.
  3. Summit 2 Jacket i have found really good. Very warm and dry in the wet

    gloves are somewhat underperforming though. very sweaty and still cold after a while. theyre a bit better than my summer gloves but not by a great margin. very hot of not actually moving though.
  4. I've never had the misfortune to run my textiles along the bitumen, but I've certainly worn them in the pouring rain for long periods of time quite frequently. I have the Dri-rider Aspen jacket and a pair of Rjays pants. Both have removable quilted inner lining. I've worn them in torrential rain around Melbourne, wore them up to Eden and back last weekend (lots of rain), I've even worn them up on Mount Hotham at night a day before all the snow started to fall there - freezing cold, windy, driving rain.

    So how do they fare? Neither of them are "premium" range items. But they have both kept me completely dry, and warm. I've had no leakage - the only complaint I would have is that the front two bottom pockets on the Dri-rider jacket won't keep the contents dry in any extended rain, so I simply don't keep anything in them I'm worried about getting wet - or else a ziplock plastic bag does the trick.

    The pants I normally wear on top of my draggins, and I've never had cold or wet legs.

    So my experience has been positive - they've worked well for me both commuting and long range riding. Two thumbs up from me.
  5. ive got the nordic, jacket and pants could be had for well under 600bucks. ive gone down the road a few times in them, not a scratch other than the reflective material. they are water resistant. if its really pissing down like it has over the last couple of weeks, youll be dry for about 20mins. mind you, this is after i dried mine over an oil heater. which is a big no no.

  6. I have the Dri-Rider Nordic 4 pants and jacket as well as DriRider boots. The boots are comfy and mostly water proof after 2 years (daily ride), although I doubt they'll last too much longer. The pants I would prefer to have not purchased, they are not water proof, they keep mist from seeping through.. that is all. However they are pretty warm despite the fit not being so good. The jacket is possibly the best piece of gear I have and I'm really yet to fault it, warm (and that's before you put the liner in), water proof even in the worst Melbourne can throw at it and it has more storage space than your typical family sedan. The only issue with the jacket is that I have found it too hot in weather over 23deg... hardly a design flaw though.
  7. I've also got the Nordic 4 jacket which I wear when its too cold/wet for leathers and have found it's good down to temperatures of about 4-5 degrees at ~110kph, below that it starts to get cold. I've also worn it plenty of times in heavy to torrential rain and have never really got wet.
  8. I have a Dri-Rider Nordic 4 Jacket and it's fantastic. Havent tried out the abrasion resistance yet :wink: but its warm and dry with the removable liner.
  9. Ive got a Dri-rider climate control-2 jacket is very warm with both liners in (rain an thermal) not so much with just the thermal liner tho they really have to rethink that one.

    havent riden with it in the rain yet so cant comment on if it keeps water out. If the rain liner is anything like there 1 piece rain suit im sure it will be fine.

    also have the Dri-rider rally-X pants with the thermal and rain liner in they are very water proof and warm.
  10. I wear a set of Summit 2 pants when it's raining, and have found them to be waterproof without any problems... also crashed with them on in the wet, and asides from getting a gash in the shin where the bike cut into me, the pants held up with only the slightest of scuffing (and it being more like picking up dirt rather than actual scuffing).
  11. I have Rjays jacket and pants. Pants are RS, the membrane was not durable, and they went from waterproof to waterlogged in about 2 weeks.

    The jacket is fine after 6 months of everyday use, and IS WATERPROOF.
    Was also less than $100!

    I have Dri Rider Nordic Gloves, which don't let the water in, until you have been in the rain for 3 hrs or more, but they get waterlogged very quickly.
    I believe they have a barrier that wicks the water, and dries quickly, rather than a waterproof barrier.
    They are fine for commuting, which is what I use them for.
  12. I have a Dririder "rallycross" jacket, it cost me just over $300 and I then bought the thermal liner upgrade kit that goes with it for another $55.
    The thermal liner kit also contains a set of higher quality elbow and shoulder armour, as well as a water bladder.

    The standard jacket comes with a zip out wind/water proof liner and in the summer I remove it and alow the air to flow through the mesh panels for a cooling effect. It also has a large pocket in the rear up the top that is for a camel pack water bladder, it has the loops sewn into the front on the jacket to accomodate the drinking hose/mouth piece.
    its also good in the summer to half fill the bladder of an evening and freeze it over night, then top up with chilled water in the morning before heading out, the bladders cools your body like built in aircon and you have a refreshingly cool drink as well :)
    It also has oodles of pockets to cram full of stuff including an easy access phone pocket that is waterproof and a huge back pocket down low that is ample big enough to bung in bike mags when you drop into the newsagent on the spur of the moment and dont have a bag with you.
    I cant find anything wrong with this jacket, other than if I had to buy again, I would not get the all black jacket, cos in the summer sitting in the heat at traffic lights and such, I get extremely hot cos the black just absorbs all of the suns heat and coupled with the heat from the engine it gets extremely hot.
  13. Judging by these posts its nothing about the workmanship in the Dririder jackets that makes them "better". Seems like its the materials that are doing all the talking, hence when u do fall they break apart.

    If I were you, I'd get an el cheapo set for $150-$200 and keep buying new ones, because you get the same materials (cordura? correct me if i'm wrong). And the finish is the same, i.e. stiching etc.

    Basically u end up paying for the materials and quality and not the "Dri-brand" image. Which I think got its name from being the first ones to sell proper textile in Australia.
  14. Umm perhaps we are reading different threads? The only person I saw who didn't like their dri-rider gear was ibast (but they're from Sydney so it's safer to ignore them) :p

    I would think that there would be a fair amount of difference between a $150 no-name jacket and a $300 nordic 4 dri-rider.
  15. hehehehe nah same thread... :shock:

    My first point was no one here has posted about textile jackets that aren't Dririder.

    Considering materials are usually the same, my second point was well maybe its the materials that make the difference not the "Dririder" logo. :)

    My third point now is all the properties of the Dririder jackets are exhibited by the materials judging by the above posts....

    So I was hoping it would flow on.. :wink:
  16. I'm not going to say that a cheaper jacket / brand is never going to be as good as a more expensive alternative, we all know that's wrong. But from what I have seen, the quality of workmanship in the Nordic 4 jacket is well above what I have seen in jackets $100-$150 less. The fact that my jacket after two years is still in perfect working order, yet my Joe Rocket Razor jacket is falling apart after less than half the wear is proof to me.
  17. Considering the title of this thread refers to "Dri Rider" why am I not surprised all of the replies have been about that brand and not about others :idea:
  18. More Dri-Rider

    More about Dri-rider.
    After reading this thread, went into PS in the city and bought a dri-rider nordic 4 for $280.
    Rode home from work - 40 mins - all in bloody torrential rain. My body was dry and as warm as toast. Too bad I couldn't say the same for my feet....
    Ahh, heated hand grips though - better than sex!
  19. Re: More Dri-Rider

    Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that donski, my sincere condolences for the years of bad sex you've suffered through :rofl:
  20. nordic pants, large size for me , i am thin but the large was the only ones long enough to wear normal high-top lace boots with without going to alpinestar-style boots you cant walk around your workplace in.
    at -5 and snowing they are warm, in the terrential rain they stay warm but start to leak after a while especially around the zipper.
    cold gets in around the bottom of the legs in snowy weather.
    i recoat them regularly with spray-on waterproofer as they will leak badly if you dont.
    even in summer you can wear them, its necessary where i am on the dirt roads as the rocks thrown up by passing vehicles hammer you.
    jacket is a walden miller leather one, underneath is 2 layers of polarfleece and a shirt. when its raining i add a line7 blue waterproof jacket.
    looking forward to heated grips, my frank thomas gloves finally wore out, the new rivets suck

    '05 transalp, 440kms a week on mostly dirt in the highlands