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Best delivery scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Athman, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. What's a good scooter for home delivery? I'm getting ready to launch home delivery for my wife's restaurant (Thai Food).

    Criteria: Needs to go at 80k on local roads only (but not take forever to get to 80k). A few hills, but not mountains (in Mount Waverley area in Melbourne). Able to fit a rack on the back. Will be treated badly.

    I'm thinking Piaggio fly 150cc, but I am interested in people's opinions or other suggestions.

  2. Why not get a honda ct110 ex postie bike? Cant say ive ever seen anyone doing food deliveries on them before!
  3. Postie wont do 80km/h.

    TGB have dedicated delivery machines which have a nice luggage section
  4. You could try a Sachs madass 125, that way your drivers would be a bit set apart from the crowd.
  5. Sorry VC but all three of mine will do 90 and are bog std.
    They will sit on 80 all day without a problem. They are cheap to buy in and run. All round a perfect work horse.
    I have the two postie bags hanging off the sides and a 98lt top box on the back. So all up about 200lt of storage which gets chockas every day and with my 85ish kg and a hilly run the poor thing gets a bloody hard time. And never complains or does not do its job.
    I have hit two cars @ 60 & 80k's. It has been backed over, dropped off a large hillside and generally been very abused. And still goes as hard as if it was new
    Funny how it's the one bike I keep getting hit on though. Was my Fav and the fastest. Still the fastest but a bit too bent to b my fav now.
  6. sym scooters can cop a lot and aren't expensive, I've done 60000kms in 5 years and it's still got a lot left to go.
  7. Really mine would only do 80 indicated, which is 70 in real life. It was pretty stuffed though and burnt a valve doing that.
  8. Are the employees licenced to ride anything bigger than 50cc?
  9. It's not a very stable platform at those speeds. Speed wobble starts about 85. True lol fun. Oil makes a big diff in the top speed on them too.
    I pay less than a grand for X posties. With about thirty thou on the clock.
    You can get them at Fowlers auctions. About $1270.00 unreg.
    I had a Honda 50 cub as my first bike as I was very vertically challenged as a kid.
    And had to do fence line checks on it. Mind you that took two days if the fences were ok. Use to come home with a bunch of orphan lambs in the box on the back. Which usually meant wire and tools were scattered over a few hundred square miles.
    My admiration is in the abuse they can take. And even if they do break they're a very cheap and easy motor to work on.
  10. Dunno what the dungey family did to their postie bikes but we used to fly around at 95 on theirs. Cheap rugged thousands of em around piss easy to operate...
  11. I'll be doing the deliveries myself to start with. I won't know what the demand level is like until we do it. If it gets busier I'll have to find staff with bike licenses or supplement with cars.

    I think 50cc will be too slow, it would take too long to do a delivery and get back to base.

    Postie bikes have crossed my mind. Its interesting, but I'm not really sure if they could get out and back fast enough. I may have to ride one and see for myself.
  12. Scooter [auto] might be easier, if you have mulitple drops [ex courier comes out of me here] what sort of space 'box' will you have? Would a 250 suzi/yamaha be worth a look?
  13. There is no use doing deliveries if the cost of delivering the stuff is not cost productive.
    There are some great bikes out there that will do the job with ease. But are they cost productive ???
    Will they go for four years ? Can they be bought for under $1,0000 so you can write them off tax wise in one hit.
    Lots more to think about when the bike has to work and not only cover itself but bring in more money.
  14. MMmmm... Thai food. Hungry