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Best damn road of Australia: which one??

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by redeagle, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Hello guys!
    I have a really nice question for you all. Since I am Italian and I don't know ANYTHING about Australian roads for bikes, I am just curious to know which is the best road to have fun there.

    Here in Italy we have the famous "SS65 - La Futa", it's road that connects Bologna to Florence. It's about 40 minutes of pure fun, lot of curves, almost a race road, wide and great visibility. Plus, at the top of it, there is a bar/pub where you can relax at about 1000 meters of altitude, fresh air and lot of bikes all the time, all days. If there is a heaven for bikers, well, that place must be similar to SS65.

    Waiting for your opinion about fantastic Australian roads. :)
  2. Bon giorno :LOL: :LOL: There are a lot of good sections of roads throughout Australia, but for the most amount of great roads concentrated in one area, I think you cannot go past the Snowy Mountains and surrounding roads.

    I doubt they would be to the same "standard" as your alpine roads, but there are hundreds of kilometers of twisty/sweeping/fast roads winding throughout our high country through the australian bushland/plains/mountains.

    The Great Ocean Road in south west Victoria is also a long stretch of cliff hugging, spectacular scenery road

    Are you planning a bike tour here?????

  3. http://sundaymorningrides.com/italy/3120131/

    That DOES look like fun!! (not that far from Modena and Maranello, too!)

    Unfortunately, our wide brown land is mostly made up of wide brown roads :(. As Jeff says, there are some nice mountain passes, like the Oxley Highway out of Port Macquarie, but since our highest mountain is only a bit over 7,000 feet high, Australia is a lot UNLIKE Europe!
  4. It's called Tasmania.
  5. The poms recently voted the Great Ocean Road as the best in the world...
  6. Nice. Looking at the map it seems to be the one that (or one right next to it) was featured on top gear (season 10 ep 1 I think) where they went to find the world's best driving road.

    Unfortunately I don't think we have anything even nearly as awesome over here, but my personal favourite is oxley - but I've only experienced a few of the good roads.
  7. I've started to gather quite a collection of Australian roads and would have to say that the Snowy Mountain roads are the best I've found. All round the Snowies are some awesome roads. There's also the Great Ocean Road, as mentioned, but that's often too busy with tourists.

    There's all the Can Valley Highway, which I remember from many years ago, and the Thunderbolt Way is another blinder.

    When it comes to really tight twists, the C222 to Horsham from Halls Gap is a ridiculous piece of road I found recently.
  8. That Italian road looks awesome!

  9. +1 JD.

    Tassie rocks. I was there with some top folk in Feb '07 and out of some 3000km, I estimate 600km were straight-ish.

    Otherwise, the Gippsland region also has some great (but bumpy) roads...

    Oh, the road between Bruthen and Swifts Creek - now that rocks too...

    Every now and then someone posts up a link to a personal webpage of recommended Victorian MC roads... which I keep forgetting to book mark :facepalm: , it's got all the rippers.

    As a first generation Aussie, Italian background, I'm keen to visit the homeland again one day... that linked road only makes that all the more encouraging... sounds like any european trip will have to include a blatt on that road AND the Nuburg ring too... :cool:
  10. http://ariel.unimelb.edu.au/~ben/mtcv/mcroads/
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  13. Bermi-Tathra
    short, sweet, but the best ever.
    i know, 'cause i made the sucker, from when it was a wee lil' goat track!
  14. I'll have to check it out next time I'm down that way.
  15. +2

    No end of fantastic roads here. Launceston to St Helens would be close to the best in the state. But anything besides the Midland and Bass highways is nearly impossible to not have fun on.
  16. Is Tasmania REALLY a part of Australia????????? :LOL: :LOL: :bolt:
  17. Any road in Tasmania, followed by the Black Spur, followed by the Waterfall Way outside Coffs Harbour.

    There's plenty of excellent roads all around Vic too - the Ocean and Alpine roads spring to mind as epic rides.
  18. Chapel Street in Melbourne :p
  19. Thank you Twistngo :) Bookmarking NOW! lol @ my dumbass
  20. Ditto! :grin: