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Best course to learn in Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by newdocument, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. I caught the two wheeled bug when I traveled over to south east Asia and I'd love to ride around Melbourne.

    I was told there is a good course that offers unlimited tries if you do fail - or something along those lines. Does anybody know of anything like that, or does anyone highly recommend a particular course?

    Thanks guys.

  2. i can';t say ive heard of an unlimited tries in one session... but i believe HARTs let you come back until you pass it. but im not sure, just pass it first time ;)

    ill vouch for HARTs in kilsyth. the L's was good fun, the P's even better. good instructors are great :LOL:

    i have heard good things about stay upright, and i believe ridetek is one of netriders business partnert things.

    welcome to the site also :LOL:
  3. All of them will let you retry if you fail - but not on the same day. Vicroads doesn't allow that and I doubt any testing centre would risk their accreditation by offering it.
    Whether some let you retry later for free I'm not sure. I know Stay Upright charges a fee but then they also let you loose on one of their bikes for a couple of hours first so the price isn't bad.
  4. Baylink Motorcycle Training in Hastings will let you come back and resit tests for free if you fail - Not sure if they let you do it on the same day though. they Guys out there are excellent, the guy that run s it is an ex motorcycle cop and instuctor, he was an instructor at HART too.
  5. Don't prepare to fail, that's the worst way to look at things.
  6. Some people just seem to head out riding with the mindset that bad things are inevitable.
  7. Armstrong's in Thomastown lets you retry once within 5 minutes of failing. They even advertise this fact on their site.
  8. Links to various courses are in the stickies above.

    Most of these show their fee structure including the costs if any of a re-try.
  9. I did mine with Hart at Tullamarine for both my Ls & Ps. Each time one person failed and was allowed to retry on the day for a fee. $40 I think.

    It's not that hard, so just pass the first time.
  10. Hmm, Stay Upright people must've been lying then.
    Bastards :evil: .
  11. thanks a lot for the replies gents. i have no plan on failing at all, after Asia i feel confident - maybe even bordering cocky :)

    I'll make a thread on my experiences when I do choose one.