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Best commuting bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bullet21, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. what do you guys reckon is a good bike for commuting. I mean in terms of economy and best value for money. Power when needed is also good. Ive got a while yet before i can upgrade, but im just looking at whats good.

    Ones i seem to see everywhere are sv650's and tls1000. I dont know about the sv but ive heard bad things about the tls, its got the nickname "widowmaker" cos of a rotary steering damper.

    Help a brother out.
  2. Wait for the new CBF1000. In Europe it is loved as a commuting workhorse.
  3. yes but it looks like ass! :p
  4. Depends. If you're talking about alot of kms and intend on keeping it for a long while, gs500e is one of the best options. Cheap to buy (especially at the moment, before LAMS comes in down there), cheap to run, uses bugger all fuel, long fuel range, easy and cheap to maintain, and gutsy enough for a commuter. They're fairly bulletproof, hence why so many couriers use them.
  5. You've already got a perfect commuter. The ZZR250 is tough to beat in this category. I would sooner own a ZZR250 than a GS500. The GS is very practical, but quite dull (my appolgies to GS owners but thats just my opinion). If you are looking for a bit more grunt though then it's hard to go past the SV650. It's much more fun the the GS. I wouldn't bother going for anything bigger if economy is a consideration. But if 95% or more of your riding is commuting then stick with the ZZR.
  6. Talking long term best option would probably be a BMW F650. Or if you want something with a bit more grunt go for a GSX750F or one of the last oil-cooled 1200 Bandits - the engines in both will pretty much run forever.

    Edit: Oh GS500 is also a good choice, but not really much of a step up from a ZZR - so you'd be better off keeping that than lose $$$ on the changeover.
  7. Mate get a hornet 900 would fit you criteria to a tea and you would never look back....unless it was to see the specs called cars in you side mirrors.... :LOL:
  8. Wash your mouth out Timbo :LOL:
  9. kwaka e6n/f cheap, nice twin, comfy. sv650. trumpy bonneville. A nice mid sized twin is usually thought of the "commuter" bike. Enough power on tap, but doesn't drink fuel, just sips it.
  10. BMW F650 CS and ER6n are both great on fuel and have a good riding position. Royal Enfield Bullet 500 is as good on fuel and cheaper to insure.
  11. the tl is pretty much nicked the name cause it needs more work when it comes to racin the ting, thus widowmaker style bike.

    ny bike over 600cc is great for commuting. er6n is nice i dont mind them myself. are you after new or used bikes?
  12. yeah,yeah twowheels.......i wouldent have a screen like you do so i probably do need to wash my mouth out all thoes bugs get into your mouth easily when you ride a naked...( a.k.a a real bike ):LOL:
  13. most likely used.
  14. Not enough information and too many choices. Your post suggests you have not been riding for long so I would go for a mid-range (500-800) naked/semi naked. Enough grunt but not to heavy to manipulate through traffic and somewhat upright to see over the top to what's ahead. There have been several such options already suggested. Do you commute short distances or long, What sort of roads, how much do you want to spend, in all weather, what sort of traffic etc etc? Most importantly, what type of machine do you 'like'.

    Almost all of us (except brand/model diehards) have the same problem when looking for a new machine. You need to consider your own needs (which might not only be commuting) and preferences for type - both head and heart comes in here. Start with a long list then do some homework and gradually narrow down the choices.

    It needs to suit your needs and abilities (the head bit) but you also should look forwarded to mounting up in the morning and enjoying the ride (the heart bit). Oh, and there is the wallet bit.

    I commute on the F800 - nice twin - plenty of grunt - light and easy to handle - economical - belt drive etc. Just a pleasure to ride in a a wide range of confitions. But it is a 'Bring More Wallet' bike. There are Big 4 examples that will do just as well. This bikes suits me - others wouldn't like it at all.

    Its great to ask for advice but just look at the diverse range of opinions - from keep what you've got - to 1200 bullet-proof naked - to 1000cc sports demon and heaps between. Just different strokes for different folks.

    Sorry - I do carry on a bit and probably didn't help at all.
  15. Just different strokes for different folks.

    I use my 1800 cruiser for commuting - splitting and filtering in peak hour traffic every day.

    Any bike will do - the one you OWN is a good start.

    The one you want will always be better! LOL
  16. CBR600F 2005


    I have a CBR600F. The first and only bike I have ever owned.

    But it starts first time everytime. :grin:

    The rain hasn't bothered it.

    It is fuel injected.

    Gets about 230km's to $20 bucks in the city and about 40km's more on open road.

    Stops in the wet and dry.

    Seems to have enough power to keep up on the weekends. Also has been very forgiving as I have been learning to corner.

    Can't say enough good things about it.