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Best commuting bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by matti-san, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. I have about 12 months to go before I upgrade from my 2fiddy but thought I would start the process of working out what bike I will get.

    I commute every day and I love my GT250 but know that I will want a new bike when I can. :grin:

    Well best I know is a relative term but here is my criteria.

    Commuting distance 60kms each way. 600kms a week
    Riding includes, freeway, heavy traffic and some back roads.
    Comfort is a big factor for me.
    I am 6'2" and 95 kilos
    Want something a bit different/cool
    Need to carry a laptop and a shirt
    Riding in all weather
    No pillions
    Love naked bikes is fairing going to be better?
    OH and want to use it for weekends away

    Anyway that's about it, would love to hear form people who commute a lot as well.
  2. Any bike can be used as a commuter, and there are alot of options for most bikes as far as luggage capacity goes.

    A fairing definitely helps deflect the wind away from the rider, so if you feel the cold alot, you may want to consider a bike with at least a bikini fairing.
  3. you'll change your mind at least 60 times over the next 12 months dude, you dont need advice, you just need to keep an open mind :wink:
  4. lots of people love vtr1000f (firestorm) as a commuter
  5. Yup. I use my Storm as a commuter, with the occasional fang ride.

    Although I rode the Blade into work today.
  6. What would 31200k's a year do to the resale value of such a bike?
  7. How much do you want to spend?

    That's the first question...

    What sort of riding (other than commuting) do you do?

    That's the second.

    Once you know that

    You've got hundreds of options to choose from...

    Read the magazines, search the web sites for reviews and opinions.

    Then ask questions here. You won't get objective answers though... :LOL:

    The Fireblade owners will say get a 'blade, the Z9 owners say get a Z, the BMW owners will say a Beemer :LOL: .

    Take all this into account and then decide...

  8. very true, and every time you change your mind it ends up being for a more expensive bike :oops: :grin:
  9. Kill it I would suggest so aim is to keep bike long term
  10. Ouch... You're going to be taking a huge hit with that many k's. My tip is to have 2 bikes, your pride and joy and your commuter. Get something old and cheap to work on to ride everyday (into the ground), and something fun as your good bike.

  11. Resale value be damned! Just buy a bike and enjoy it.

  12. Man i would love to walk out side and say to myself 'Hmmm which bike am i going to ride today.' :)
  13. If you are doing those miles get something which won't lose its value with higher mileage. Sports bikes drop value very very quickly. Personally I'd look seriously at an R1100GS BMW - good tourer, handles and goes very well and if you get one with BMW panniers or top box you can carry lots.

    And if it's in good nick mileage is irrelevant.

    Mind you I did warn you that people are not objective about their recommendations :LOL:

  14. 31,000 kms a year?

    That would kill the resale value of any bike... so don't bother buying brand new, look for a good second hand bike.

    The second thing is that you'll use a lot of tyres so consider something with narrower tyres to save on tyre costs. If you choose something with a 150 rear and 120 front and choose touring compounds then you'll save you about $600 a year on tyres compared to bikes running on 180/55-17 & 120/70-17 combos at your stated 31,000kms a year.

    You will also wear out a chain a year on average, so I would be looking at a shaft drive bike. That will reduce your commuting cost another $200 to $400 a year.

    If you want to carry stuff then consider a bike that has hard luggage, soft luggage is ok for the occasional trip but it is a pain for everyday use, so think about a bike with panniers.

    Assuming that you don't want a cruiser then bikes like the Kawasaki GTR1000, the Yamaha Diversion 900, the Honda ST1100 and the BMW R1100RS should be on your shopping list.

    Of course... you could always decide not to be sensible and wear the costs of riding a 'bit different/cool' chain drive sporty bike for 31,000kms a year ;)
  15. +1 votes for a shaft drive, something like a yammy diversion etc, they require loads less maintenance and just kee going forever.

    This of course will cause problems if you want to countersteer or do wheelies, but would be perfect and good fun for commuting otherwise.
  16. Well the Blade needed to be ridden. I came home from Tasmania at the end of January and just parked it.

    :? :(
  17. Ahhh.... but you can always buy the countersteering adaptor!

    Shame they haven't brought out one for wheelies though...
  18. When it comes time. I will be including a VFR800 into my list of possibles and I will be using it for the same sort of riding.

    Also an SV650 will be worth a look.

    But not having ridden either, I have no idea if they meet your requirements! ;)
  19. What's this drivel about countersteering and wheelies... :LOL:

  20. WHOOOOSH!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p