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Best clothing/Gear - HELP

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by markgee, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. New to bikes...........a mature newbie! Finally I have got my L's and about to pick up the bike. Where i am stuck is on what gear to buy. Jackets, Pants, Gloves and Boots! What brands the best, with the best protection! Its a nightmare with so much on offer. I dont mind spending a bit to ensure I get the best protection.............just in cae!

  2. where are you?
  3. Balwyn, Victoria.
  4. What kind of riding wil you be doing? Motoport is pretty much the best gear for general riding but costs a helll of a lot.
    Grab a back protector too, Knox makes good ones.
    For helmets, Arai, Shoei, Shark, AGV are all top brands - just choose one that fits the best
  5. It sort of comes down to what the shops you go to stock unless you go online.
    Mick Hone is near you and they sell quality gear but can be a bit expensive.
    Bikemart in Ringwood is also good (and cheaper) as is AMX in Bayswater (cheaper still).
    It might be worth going to one of these to get decent advice. The first two will want your
    return business so shouldn't be too silly. Bikemart might be the place to start.
    Brands depend a bit on how much you want to spend.
    (you can probably tell I live close to Balwyn)
  6. Whatever you buy make sure the fit is good.

    Jackets should be snug, helmets should be reasonably tight, they should push on your cheeks, fit your entire head nicely, and move with your head. It will also loosen up a bit over time.

    [MENTION=30531]Takamii[/MENTION] on these forums sells helmets, he might be able to explain helmet fit better than I can.
  7. Mick Hone is a bit of a rip off, and their sales guy is a weirdo. I got all my gear from Bikemart in Ringwood, and a few things 2nd hand off eBay.

    EDIT: hey im in balwyn too!
  8. if ur head is more "round" then go with Shoei, otherwise, if it's more long, then go Arai!
  9. Go to www.spokes.com.au and click on each type of riding gear - it gives you some tips on what to look for.

    Congrats on becoming a rider!
  10. Buy the best gear you can afford, but make sure it fits you properly, particularly the Helmet. No point spending $1000 on a helmet if it doesn't fit you properly. Too tight and you'll get a head ache, too loose and it won't offer the right protection.

    I can't believe I'm about to say this, but use the search function. There have been crap loads of threads on this subject. Read them.
  11. Definitely go into a few stores and try out what's available. Took me a solid week of going from one store to another until I found the gear that fit the best.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that there is very little consistency between sizes (based on my experience). A size that works / fits for one brand may be too big or too small in another.

    That is to say, a Dri-Rider 3XL jacket may be way larger than say an Rjays 3XL jacket.

    My 2c :)

  12. I know his daughters, anyone going there say they're friends with Olivia through Brenton. You'll get cheap shit.

    Clearly if its been used 5 times you'll probably be told to get ****ed but eh, first one in i guess.