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Best cleaning cloth?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. ok this seems like a demeted question

    but i find that whenever I use an old t-shirt or boxer shorts to clean my bike I get lint/threads remaining on it.

    My dad suggests that I get some cheese cloth, as that's "the best"

    I have NO idea where you buy cheese cloth....

    anyway the question is..what rags do you think are the best for cleaning your bike, and where do you buy them??
  2. Just as a sidestep here, does anyone know which ENJOs are good for bike cleaning, how much and where to get 'em? Somebody round here said they were tops.

    To answer your question Tash, personally I've been using old bonds underdurps, and they've been fine. Got some on right now with minimal skiddage, want me to post 'em over? :grin:
  3. It wasn't me but I do use them from time to time. Love them, they do a great job. Try their website or PM me and I'll drag out a contact for you. Couldn't give a price until I'm home tonight to check as my GF bought them for me.
  4. Mmm, scratch that, they're ebaying second hand for $70 for the car and polishing glove. Bollocks to that, I'll stick with the underdurps.
  5. I can definately recommend the Sabco microfibre stuff - works great on the bike and the car. Managed to get a pack including a mitt, cloth, bug removing sponge and glass cleaning cloth in a furry satchel at Supercheap Auto for just 15 bucks (on sale).
  6. Spotlight, Lincraft, they are 2 that should stock cheesecloth
  7. Anyone with kids that are getting older, there old cloth nappies are great!
    fluffy, thick and not scratchy!
  8. I have Enjo cloths and also the other brands found in the supermarket eg. Oates.

    They are a fraction of the price and work just as well. :)
  9. Just make sure they are clean :LOL:
  10. We use cheescloth here, & i get my supply by raiding Mr Charmed's huge mother friggin roll of it @ work. :LOL:
  11. I have a lot of sucess with old towles... and old dead teddy bears quilt wadding and anything fluffy. Pooh really did put a great buff on the front fender...

    but towels are great for final wipe overs and polishing of metal as the wadding holds a lot of polish.
  12. About three years ago I got conned into attending an Enjo party and bought some products, amongst them the car glove, the car cloth and a polishing cloth. Husband said he wouldn't use them and went on with his regime of torn t-shirts, polyglaze car wash, bug and tar remover, etc. Then he saw me clean the car with the new products and was blown away. Now several years later he won't use anything else other than the Enjo, which still work well despite repeated and frequent uses. In fact on Sunday he said to me where is the car glove, I just need to get the bugs off the front of the bikes before we go over to Williamstown.

    It is good to know that the Oates one work too, might give them a go when the Enjo ones wear out.

    We don't use towels on paint work as we found it can lead to swirly marks on the paint. Might be that cheap Italian paint job

  13. get yourself down to supercheap auto, they have every type of cleaning product imaginable. there is a stack of different brands and materials to choose from in the cloth department. i brought a good one for about $10, used it with some mothers plastic polish and my bike looks brilliant.
  14. Yeah, but the beauty of Enjo products is you get to pay 5 or 6 people's markups when you buy it! :roll:
    Nothing quite like a pyramid.
    Personally, I use Chux cloths to wash, and a towel to dry. Chamois strip wax off paint. I also use Price brand (Big W) car wash......

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Cheese cloth is not NEARLY as delicious as it sounds.
    Just use old rags, the lint will blow off on your first ride after cleaning.
  16. your grandmother's big white cotton tails stolen straight from the clothes line are withou doubt the BEST!!
    Just put them over your pants and you can clean like there is no tomorrow!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    must be superpowers in those big baggy jobs!!!!
  17. Microfibre cloths work really well. They are really soft- I have one for the body of the bike and one for the wheels.