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Best. Christmas. EVER!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Aly, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. True story

  2. Ok.

  3. Freedom is exhilarating
  4. Like a Braveheart freedom before they hack off your limbs? Freedom Furniture? Just got out of jail?
  5. Innit?
  6. i know what you mean aly, the guys that have been riding for years get it when going thru the twisties then they 'smile'
  7. Just got out of jail... *snicker*

    No. Freedom Like you just broke out of the chains and managed to escape from under the stairs. Reaaalll freedom
  8. i like it under the stairs
  9. That just shows you haven't broken free yet.

    Break free Mt1 break freeee

    Then Best Christmas Ever
  10. glad things are looking up for you
  11. Ha they are so not

    But I'm deliriously happy and that's all that matters
  12. under the stairs and looking up is fun on hot days
  13. I can take you to quite an upmarket pub that has a glass staircase up to the bar on the second level. Educational.
  14. Surely that takes the fun out of discovering who has no nickers
  15. I doubt I'm the only one with no idea what's going on here?
  16. Is there supposed to be something going on? Sometimes its best when nothing is going on

    Its just a good chrissy that's all
  17. Is it? Wanna swap ?

    Santa bring a bike or something?
  18. Something to do with harry potter perhaps?
  19. It's that time of year - yes, mid-summer solstice. People are getting about star-clad, and the muggles are stupid and happy. Things are looking up.

    I'm pretty close to best summer solstice myself. I've gone from being a povo, crippled grandfather with no bike, who struggles to keep his internet connection, to owning a new ZX14, a somewhat 2nd hand 2003 R6 track / race bike, a PeeWee 50 that I've lusted after for like 45 years, and some time in the new year, when I find one at the right price, I'm getting my son (23) a 929 or a 954 and we're going riding.

  20. Is it the solstice? Have I been bewitched?