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best boots for daily rider

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BiG DaN91, May 31, 2011.

  1. Ok guys ive been riding everyday to uni for about a year and a half in my nike hightops and they are looking pretty shabby (and are not waterproof AT ALL) so i thought id investigate proper boots.

    Must look good, be comfortable for walking and sitting all day, WATERPROOF and reasonably priced (2nd year uni student, broke as a joke haha).
    I ride twistys on the weekends when i can so id like better footwear for that too. Also might do a track day or two in the future.

    any links or advice would be appreciated.
  2. Us posties wear a cheap Sidi boot. It offers reasonable protection and is comfy to walk around in all day too.
    Nothing that offers good to excellent protection is going to be fun to walk in. Let alone have on all day.
  3. Although the ankle protection is not the best the Rossi 814 or 811 are great boots that you can wear all day- comfortable to walk around in - cheap for what you get - def waterproof, just make sure you keep up the polish on them - and Aus made
  4. Have a look at these and see if they suit you.
    My only concern is that I'd prefer a solid shank in the sole, for protection. But you won't find that at this price.
  5. I have a pair of Joe rocket velocity boots/shoes. Very comfortable and have so far held up in the rain. Reasonably cheap from the states with the exchange rate too.
  6. A* ridge waterproof worked out good for me, good to walk in. $150 laughing
  7. BMW Allround Boot

    Lightweight touring boots with optimised properties due to an increased textile share = more breathing capability. Made from approx 1.8mm leather and Cordura. Ankle, shin, heel and tip of the boots are reinforced with plastic mouldings. The inside is equipped with a large leather Velcro bar for width adjustment at the calves.

    Colour: Black
    Sizes: 35 – 48
    RRP $330.00

    From any BMW Motorrad Dealers.
  8. is it just me or did anyone else read "best boobs..." rather than best boots??
  9. I've been wearing Puma Moto 750's for a few years now. Waterproof, light and comfortable but with decent protection on the toes and heel. Good non-slip sole, too. Look kinda like soccer boots under the jeans if you squint hard enough.

    My one gripe is that it can get pretty manky on a hot day, around where the straps are. Nothing that longer socks don't fix.
  10. I wear 8 eye doc martens for trips into uni/shops/etc. Not a great deal of ankle protection but for 15 minute trips and walking around all day they do the job.
  11. I ride in TCX track boots on the weekends (Awesome ankle protection) but not what I'd call "walking around boots"

    When commuting or wanting to ride and leave the boots on I use my RedBacks.....good Aussie brand trekking boot, all leather and waterproof if you condition with Dubbin
    Not to mention...cooooommmmfy!
  12. I'm looking for a decent town pair that won't be wrecked by changing gears and still look smart enough to wear to work.

    Am I dreaming or do they exist? Closest I've found is the Ridge Crazy Horse.
  13. I agree, they are a good boot that are relatively comfy to walk in. I wear mine to work when I ride the scoot and they are good. Only negative is they are a bit narrow in the toe end so I get a bit numb if don't stretch out my foot occasionally. Perils of paying bugger all for them online.

    My Shift Fuel boots aren't waterproof and wouldn't have the same protection in a fall but are a lot more comfy due to the laces. I prefer to wear them for all but long rides and rainy days.
  14. Pic of the boots I recommended earlier. Wicked for just getting around in, and for riding.
  15. I wear Sidi's as well. Touring boots so there's no toe slider and they almost look like normal boots. This sort of thing
  16. I recently purchased Gri Sport shoes. A trekking shoe mainly but VERY comfortable & waterproof as well. Good protection and sort of an all-day-wear type pf shoe. I do have motorcycle shoes (Icon Acceralant) but they are good for a few hours as in ride to work - take off and then ride home- take off. I found Gri-Sport much better. Wear it with Kevlar jeans to work on Fridays and no need to change. :)

  17. twistngo wins.
  18. I'm looking for something similar to the OP: a somewhat protective boot that can be wear daily to work without looking like I'm walking the paddock at PI...
    Of the suggestions made so far I'm liking the Alpinestars Ridge.
    How about the Alpinestars Octane? Anyone has any experience with them?
    The look pretty comfortable and can be had for around $170 including shipping from the States.
  19. Replying to myself here but I think I've found my next pair of boots!
    Those A* I posted looked good but obviously the protection was comrpomised by the looks so I went back to the Ridge model and after looking for something similar I found the Rossi's 811 Vision (http://www.rossiboots.com.au/catalogue/catalogue_details.asp?prodID=110) which seem to get the thumbs up from a few people in NR.
    I've found a guy that sells them for $100 plus post (they go for over $200 everywhere else) so I'm about to order a pair now.
    They look comfy and safe without looking like an astronaut...
  20. Hope you've heard of the saying that the 'if the deal looks too good to be true ...'

    Sorry ddidn't mean to put a damper on the deal but is there a reason that he's knocking $100 off. I'm normally wary of such deals unless its a proper online shop (or dealer) and there's sale going on.