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Best Bluetooth Headset to Get

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nnila, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    Looking for recommendations on a good bluetooth headset to get.
    I had an Aldi one but it broke and they have no more stock to replace it with so are giving me a refund. Looking to buy something a little better this time.
    I mainly use it to pair up to my phone to listen to music. I want to be able to Play/Pause with it, Increase/Decrease Volume and use it outdoors so it has to be able to handle getting wet.

    Open to any other features that people think might be useful?


  2. This for a helmet? or just for using around the back yard/car?
  3. Sorry yeah - to clip onto my helmet when riding.
    Want to be able to answer calls too.
  4. Mate - suggest you use the search function before a moderator gives you a bollocking. This topic has been discussed ad infinitum many times on this forum already.

    +1 for the Sena SMH10.
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  5. Sena

    SMH5, SMH10, or S20 they're all good just depends how much you have to spend
  6. Don't need Bluetooth / music for when you ride!
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  7. Definitely do ;) Love it!

    Are Sena that great? They're hardly cheap. What makes them so much better than the others?
  8. Listening to my Gsxr going thru the rev range is music to my ears.
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  9. lol Nick gsxr750Nick gsxr750 you're clearly a man after my own heart. Never have music, refuse to intercom even when riding with the other half, loooove the sound of the bike (and my cage fwiw)!
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  10. I have the Sena SMH10 and it's awesome. There's a new one now, but it's more pricey.

    Pretty good range, I like the sound, very easy to use with gloves on, several different microphone configurations, can now apparently pair with other brands (although I haven't tried it), can have up to 4 units paired. You can access the functionality of your smartphone too.

    Some people go for the Scala, and have good things to say about it.
  11. nnila Sena SMH-5 covers all you want $149, over 8 hrs "talk time" next/last/start/stop tracks via jog dial, which also does volume ;-) , can pair up to 4 together, does 500m apart, 2 phones possible if needed AND can pair to a NON Sena too
  12. Ditto with most people above. I have been using Sena SMH10 for 1 year and I am very happy with it.
    Here are the reasons why I purchased Sena SMH10:
    • Good ergonomic design. Basically there are only 2 buttons to use; an oversized jog dial and a side button. Easy to use even with gloves. Unlike other brands where you have to guess which button is which.
    • Universal bluetooth pairing. You can pair up with other intercom brands that has bluetooth function. (Including the Aldi ones)
    • Removable module. I find it very convenient when I leave my helmet locked to my bike. I don't have to worry about somebody snitching away my SMH10.
    • Conference intercom. I used this feature to link up with my other 2 mates during a 6 days Melbourne - Sydney trip.
    I hope this will help with your decision making.

    Good luck.
  13. the a primary seller for the product in australia
  14. Misread post
  15. Did you buy one? Any good?
  16. Ordered it yesty mate will let you know. Looks good in writing haha
  17. How would you use that with those Itsy bitsy buttons with gloves on and you can't see?