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Best birthday present ever!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by NattyC, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    My husband surprised me yesterday with a new Ninja 250R. I love it and named her Tessa(long story). Brand new 2012 model with oggy knobs and a seat cowl.

    The surprise delivery. I had no idea and was very excited.

    Sitting on the bike out the front once we fitted the seat cowl.

    My pretty bike, so nice and shiny.

    I've already ridden her, and am looking forward to more rides to come once I sober up after my bithday party last night.
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  2. vera narce-a (y)
  3. Nice bike.
  4. Best. Husband. Ever.
  5. (y) Now that's what I call a birthday gift!! MUCH better than perfumes, flowers, chocolates et al. :)
  6. Happy birthday and I hope she give you more pleasure then you can imagin.
  7. Wow.. that's awesome :) Nice bike and great hubby!
  8. Congrats, well done to your husband for the effort he went to to make your birthday really special enjoy:biker:.
  9. Now, THAT is a grade-A example of 'friken awesome!'=D>

    Congrats on:
    1) getting a pretty new shiney thing
    2) clever husband selection=D>
    3) sneaking in a quick ride before the booze.
    3.5) not 100% percent sure about that helmet but no one who ever sees you on the road will have to wonder if it was you or not... so i guess thst's a good thing.

  10. Awesome pressie! What did he do wrong...LOL
    Oh, happy Birthday.
  11. What he said.

    Congrats - really nice bike(y)
  12. Firstly .. Happy Birfday !!!!!

    Awesome present ... What a great Hubby :D

    make sure you pick your upgrade around the same time next yr ..
    never know what you could get ;)

    My partner bought my my RSV4 for Xmas last yr ...
    best xmas present ever !!!
  13. Awesome Hubby!

    I've herd about some amazing motorcycle gifts from Partners before, it'll happen to me one day I'm sure haha!
  14. If your hubby is interested in a bit on the side I am eyeing off a road / trail bike
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  15. many happy returns n happy birthday, nice bike :) now your hubby isnt looking to upgrade HIS bike by any chance is he? just askin lol
    congrats again, enjoy :)
  16. Now your husbands ruined it for everyone. Every biker wife is gonna want this :(

    Oh and ofcourse, congratulations.
  17. Lucky you :)
  18. Good husband and great pressy!
  19. Very nice..... lucky lucky you:applause:

    Happy 35th by the way......... :p
  20. Awesome! Im sure it will give you much enjoyment :)