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Best Birthday EVER

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Pingu, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. On Tuesday I turned 36, and it was at that time i realised something.
    Same time last year I was in the US working..no presents, just work. (yuck) This year, I have achieved my motorbike L's, have my own - paid for, registered, roadworthy and insured bike, and really good friends. what a difference a year makes.

    To celebrate this year, Myself and my best friend Littlething decided to trek it out on the bikes to Shepparton. As I had been riding for about a month, with approx 1,800 kms under my belt and having thrown myself into any riding condition (wind, rain, trucks, taxis, city traffic etc) This trip did not phase me, however for Littlething this was a bigger ride than she was used to, and as such we both took it very easy and "cruised" up with breaks every 50km, enjoying the scenery and countryside, making our way through Myrniong, Kyneton, Heathcote, Nagambie, Shep.

    One thing i love about this new love of mine for bikes, is the whole "look out for your mate" thing. Its a real good old fashioned feeling of mateship and trust especially on the road.

    Speaking of which, as we stopped at Nagambie for a breather a great bloke by the name of Danny stopped for a ciggie and a chat - and of course a play with his beautiful Yamaha VSTAR 600 - i offered him a swap for my virago , thanks danny for the Bday present! (see photo)

    We stayed at the Bell tower motor inn, and Linday and Sue (both own harley and virago) where the best hosts ever, I highly reccomend a stay at their place, you are sure to get a good bike yarn, just get Sue out on her Virago its gathering dust!

    After a great meal at the local, we rode into town and played some of the good old games machines at time zone, my favourite was the bike simulator on the isle of man.. I WON!

    We rode back to the hotel and because im BAC 00 - decided not to ruin a great ride with a little silly drinking.

    In the morning, the wind was blowing hard on the way back to Melbourne, and as Littlething had not experienced alot of harsh winds I made sure she was safe and out of harms way as we were going a little slower that the speed limit - so i played tail end charlie with my hazards on to alert drivers to move over, all in all it was fine except for one inconsiderate motorist who kindly advised her the speed limit was 110, its ok we have his rego :) LT got the hang of it and took the speed up a notch.

    It also great to see a friend really start to strive at their riding, even though im only 1 month old as a rider, i have now 2,240 kms on the bike and apprieciate all the encouragement i get., same goes for Littlething, she really did a great job and was one with her bike on the trip home, i couldnt have been prouder of my best mate as she took on the wind rain and inconsiderate drivers - Well done baby your doin great!

    Last night I joined the Yamaha & Virago Cruisers Club and went to a meeting, great people, and cant wait for more rides. I got a virago badge, tshirt, cap and new keyring (the old HART one flew off in nagambie i think!)

    In the meantime I can look back at a great Bday, with an awesome friend (thanks LT), beautiful scenery, and a safe and memorable ride, on a beautiful black Virago.

    oh well back to work.




  2. Great yarn, and what a terrific couple of days.

    Do the same trip in a car and see if the same things happen :LOL: :p.
  3. Happy B'day mate ;)